Saturday, June 15, 2013

It Seems to Be

I try to reach you every hour
our bond is losing power
You keep disappearing away
I have no idea what to say
Only out of the blue
I hear from you
But it seems that you are pulling away
you want to go our own separate way
I keep pinching myself, hoping that it's a dream
While now I'm getting used to talking to your answering machine
It seems that you have nothing to do with me
the reasons are not hard to see
You are not there when I need you the most
you are beginning to be like a ghost
You are the same person, but different
you are making me feel like I'm not important
I feel like I can not trust you anymore
you never acted this way before
I do understand your point of view
but I just can not be able to reach you
You are a wonderful generous person
I only can't seem to get your attention
It seems to be that you want to change
not letting us know that you rearrange
for another life to enter
putting someone else in the center
nevermind the pain that you made
to the unknown future that you laid
It seems to be
that you moved on without me

But now you are back
we could all relax
I know that you are in pain
he broke away from your chain
but having you back in our arms
bringing back the familiar charms
All of us are happy for you
this can't be true!

Originally written in 2000 and revised in 2002
Dedicated to my Grandmother; she had broken up with her long-time boyfriend for another man and I was not used to the attention she would normally showered on me that was going to someone else. This man was a complete stranger to me (although he had been in my Grandmother's life off and on for many years). The relationship did not last long and I even had the guts to read her this poem not long after. She told me that it was indeed true and confessed that if her then boyfriend wanted her to live in another state and not keep in touch with her family she would've done it. That really did hurt to hear her say that...Anyway, she died in 2006

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