Saturday, June 1, 2013

RIP Beatles' Kids' Site

The Beatles Children:
Heather McCartney
Julian Lennon
Zak Starkey
Jason Starkey
Mary McCartney
Lee Starkey
Stella McCartney
Sean Lennon
James McCartney
Dhani Harrison
Beatrice McCartney

In the beginning of May, I felt that it was the right opportunity to update one of my websites, The Beatles' Children. First I made a visit to the Gallery where I uploaded a number of photos and then it was time to deal with the written information of the site (which was based in another location). At first I was having trouble getting in with the password. I've tried my first usual passwords but couldn't get in. So I did the next step- Help! I forgot my password! Well I had to make a new one, so I did just that. Then I got in! Yay! Time to go to wo-- huh? Where's my site???? The message I got was that it was removed and been banned. If you click on the link ( you will read a message that the site was permanently removed.
For the record: I did not remove it myself!
Of course I would have preferred to do that myself when I felt that the time was right for whatever reason. However my original plan was to keep up with the site as far as I could go and let it be up forever and ever even after I'm dead.
I do have 2 suspected theories of why my site disappeared
1) my problems with the password; perhaps Tripod thought something worst was going on and decided to kill off my site
2) someone reported it that was strong enough to have it go "poof" disappear.
As for #2, I have no proof, I received no email indicating that something was wrong or someone was not happy. For the most part, I've gotten many great reviews over the years- I know it's usually the Go-to place for Beatles' fans as well as Julian, Stella, etc fans could go to for whatever information or picture they wanted.

Will I bring the site back?
To tell you the truth, I have no answer for this. I've thought about it and I'm still thinking about it. So far I've settled on "no but never say never".
With the site, there were 10 people plus a few extras with the Step-Children that I had to keep tabs on with news and such things to keep up with their Biographies. That's a LOT of people! Not too mention that I have 3 other sites to take care of (although 1 of them is pretty much set for life except with an update here and there- Cyn & Mo; Mexican Beauty: Olivia Harrison and Enchanting Isabel Gillies get updated whenever the two ladies go out to do something that'll make me get busy).
I would also have to start from scratch. Unfortunately I did not save everything from the site. I could maybe savage a few things but there's quite a number of information that I never kept a record of to keep. I honestly thought that the information would be safe where it was- on the site online. I never ever dreamed that one day my site would disappear on me! There were also some information that was hard to get and in some unknown whereabouts because I don't remember which source it came from, etc. I have SO much Beatles stuff that it's really hard to keep track!

But I'm still very much involved with the Beatles' Children in other ways:
Children of the Beatles Facebook
Beatles' Children Yahoo Group
Mary McCartney Photography

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