Thursday, April 30, 2015

A Flower, A Kiss, A Smile

A flower, a kiss, a smile of love
Heartwarming gifts from up above
The hand of coldness disappears 
When we forget our chosen fears.

Just one experience of love
Gives hope and life in endless years
Of learning how to move our minds of stone
When many times we feel alone.

We are alone. The choice is ours
To offer a flower, a kiss, a smile
Is but the simple answer, for awhile
We search our minds in depth
We should find life a simple test.

When realization of the truth
Presents itself in all its youth
To all in age who still ask why
Just smile and love but do not cry

-Written by Cynthia Lennon, published in 1978

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Truth & Honesty

The truth for me does not agree
With other people using me
With a freedom that they think is free
Checkmate will only find success
When pawns themselves don't fall from grace
When honesty comes face to face
With truth and not commodity.

To use another's soul for gain
Misunderstanding all in vain
For those who use another's brain
To lift themselves with words profane
Cynics born to eat the words
Of men who falter not with words

-Written by Cynthia Lennon, published in 1978

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

For Dorothy

Dorothy Rhone

I know we'll meet again some day
How can I put in words and say
The pleasure you have given me
The pleasure of your company

You know as much as I, how much
I'll miss your presence, ever present
Are my thoughts of times so pleasant
Words are not enough without touch

There's an empty place today
An empty void, a missing friend
An empty word no ear to bend
Enjoy yourself is all I say,
Maybe we'll meet again some day

Written by Cynthia Lennon, published in 1978

Sunday, April 19, 2015


The days go by so slowly my mind held in suspense
Why must this be when I can see the feeling so intense?
The future holds the magic of my thoughts these passing days
The planning actions of my mind just wither in the haze
Time is wasted longing for the bud to flower and bloom
Waiting, hoping, anticipating what might be happening soon
Possibility is just a game played in fantasy throughout
Why must this be withheld within. What is it all about?
If only I could touch the flower and feel it's beauty in my strife
I could be at ease and aim to please of my life

-Written by Cynthia Lennon, published in 1978

Sunday, April 12, 2015

For Astrid

Please give her strength in her dark hour
Fire her with hope so she may tower
Above the depths of sad despair
This day she feels no hope in sight
Please give her strength so she may fight
The fears that hold her in their grasp
Please give strength 'til all is past
Life must go on yet some may leave
To give new life a chance to breathe
A chance to learn as we have learned
Through times of sadness we have earned
A certain wisdom- yet more to come
We all will learn when life is done

Written by Cynthia Lennon, published in 1978. Dedicated to Astrid Kirchherr (on top picture, with Stuart Sutcliffe)


Voices flit like shadows down the passage of my mind
They grow and fade in volume as the passing of the days
Bring memories of sunshine's timeless rays
Times of childhood beckon calling me through days and years
Of happiness and loneliness mingled with the tears

Written by Cynthia Lennon, published in 1978

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Rest in Peace Cynthia Lennon

How I heard the news: On April 1, 2015, I woke up late morning (like at 10 AM or so) and, as I do pretty much every morning, I check on the Beatles' Wives & Girls Facebook page. It was the day to change the header and profile picture to Linda McCartney as she had passed away in April. Usually April was Linda's tribute month. Facebook was done. Then off to Instagram for Beatles' Wives & Girls I went to do Picture of the Day featuring, once again, Linda but as a goofy funny picture as it was April Fool's Day. I saw Julian's picture of Cynthia with candles and I thought 'Oh how sweet!', never did I thought that it was In Memory kind of pictures until I saw a comment about her being dead. Wait a minute....I had already posted the Linda goofy picture up and.... I checked twitter and typed in Cynthia's name in the search. I had hoped that the Cynthia Lennon is dead thing was a horrible April Fool's joke, that maybe, just maybe, something was going on. Sure enough, I saw Cynthia's death announcement. The final reality was Julian's memorial page he had set up for his mother. I was just shocked. Immediately, while my hands started to shake, I went back to the Beatles' Wives & Girls social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) to change everything from Linda to Cynthia. Apparently, Cynthia had died that morning after a short battle with cancer. Just exactly one week before her only son's birthday. Ouch. Also she died on the same  day as John Lennon's dad Alfred too. But it's Julian's birthday without his mother for the first time that made it really sad. 

I suppose it's not exactly a big secret that Cynthia Lennon was and still very much is my favorite Beatle wife. Even though I don't exactly have a site that's 100% dedicated to her as I do for Olivia Harrison and Isabel Gillies (not a Beatles' wife) but I do have a 50% site of her sharing with Maureen Starkey Tigrett, Cyn & Mo. Also, here on this blog, there's a very very very long essay I wrote about Cynthia's relationship with John. I intended it to be a short paragraph that grew and grew and grew (I will provide the links at the bottom of this blog entry). Don't get me wrong, I love all, well, almost all, the Beatles' wives - except for one and it's not who you may think it is (it's not Heather Mills). I don't know exactly why I am drawn to Cynthia more than the others. I tend to think it's because she's the least known? But she's not really the least known. Cynthia wrote two books about her life with John, she was also an artist, she sang a few songs. However, when you say John Lennon's wife to somebody, they instantly think of Yoko Ono. I would have to say 'no, I mean Julian Lennon's mother' and yet, there's always that one person who thinks that Julian is Yoko's child. Eek! Welcome to my Beatles' family education class! Anyway, unlike John and Yoko's In Your Face love story, John and Cynthia's Love story wasn't In Your Face. It was more like a convenient obligation that John had no choice....ughhhhhhh!!!! But that's the overall thing that most people believe. Unfortunately. Back to Cynthia's tribute. Of course, I am very sad about this. However I hope there's a peace of mind too. There's her parents, one of her best friends Maureen Starkey, her beloved husband Noel Charles. And yes, John Lennon. I hope in the afterlife world, Cynthia cornered John and made her peace that she wanted to do when they were both still living. Not about their failed marriage but over John's treatment on their son Julian.
Just when I finally came to terms of thinking Robin Williams and death going together, now I have to come to terms with Cynthia and death going together and at the moment, it hasn't gelled together. I know she's gone. The reality grew more and more on April 1st when May Pang, Yoko, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, and Olivia Harrison released statements in honor of Cynthia. I wouldn't say that Cynthia's death kicked me in the gut like Robin's death did. She was 75 when she died and she hadn't really been making any public appearances since 2013 at Julian's White Feather Foundation gala after her husband's death. I figured something was up but was more so thinking that she's done with the public eye. I also thought that maybe Cynthia would materialized here and there for Julian's big events but far and few in between.
My heart, sympathy, condolences, everything goes out to Julian, her only child. They were really close, they were like two peas in a pod. Now Julian is an orphan. He's the only Beatles' child (at this time of the writing) to have lost two parents. I don't know how this will affect him now. I do believe he will continue doing music and photography but there's his attitude. Life will never be the same for him now as he lost his biggest support system. But then again, perhaps Cynthia's death will have a silver lining too. It's one of those "wait and see" situations.