Thursday, May 23, 2013

I Don't Like Pink Floyd

I must be one of the very few people on Earth who does not like Pink Floyd. At first I thought I was the only one but I did manage find someone else who doesn't like the rock band so it's very comforting that I'm not alone in this.
I can tolerate 2 songs: Money and We Don't Need No Education
Other than that, no thanks.
One time when I was a teenager, my Mom and I used to go to these laser shows at the Planetarium where they played rock music- they've had Queen, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, the greats! This is when I realized I didn't like Pink Floyd. When they did a Pink Floyd night my mom likes them a lot and at the time I thought they were okay so while the show was happening I found myself dozing off. I've never dozed off at a laser show! I'm usually the one that's singing and seat-dancing! But not this time. Zzzzzzzzz
I remember telling my boss that I didn't like Pink Floyd and he looked at me as though I came from another planet and thought I was nuts. He pointed out that they had some sort of connection with the Beatles by playing in Abbey Road Studios and having George Martin as a Producer. So? A lot of music have been recorded at Abbey Road and George Martin worked with a lot of musicians (and comedians) so what's the point? I am also aware that the members of the band are friends with The Beatles; even one of the members owns Julian Lennon's Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds drawing. Sure that's impressive, but the music still doesn't sway me.
Although here's one cute brief story: when I was around 10 years old I was in a wedding party and we were discussing Pink Floyd and, being naive and not knowing much about the band, I asked "what were his parents names? Red and White?"

Driving Pet Peeves

Here's a very honest confession: I didn't start driving until I was 22 years old. Not 16, like a normal teenager would be. I never even sneaked out and "borrowed" my mom's car for the night! However I did have my reasons at the time and to this day I stand by those reasons, while my family thought that I was an odd duck (or a black sheep?) as they couldn't wait to drive and did some sneaking going around. I'm pretty positive that my family wondered if I was biologically part of the family or if I belong in a mental institution.
My two main reasons:
1) My first "love" (another honest confession: my first 'love' and I were never a couple- by the time we started to talk, school was getting out for good and we were both to go to different high schools so our chance of being together never happened but boy oh boy, was I crazy about him!) died in a car accident in 1998. He had a car with a sunroof and when he maneuvered from another earlier accident, he lost control of his car. He wasn't wearing a seat belt and practically flew out of his sunroof while his car was tumbling around itself. He had two other girls with him- one girl also wasn't wearing a seat-belt and both of them died while the other girl wore hers and survived. Not a pretty death (then again, what death is pretty?). He was 17 years old. We hadn't been in touch for a few years and I heard about it from a friend who told me it was in the paper. Of course I went digging for the newspapers and found it. I still have the print out of the article in my high school scrapbook. Message: Always wear your seat-belt!
Note: In this blog, there's quite a few poems dedicated to him 

2) When my family were at the age of learning to drive and such, they lived in small quiet communities. Me? Not so much! Just down the road is a very busy street. It's not like a simple town, no, it's practically a city! So many fast automobiles that it just terrified me. I live in an area that you would have to be on your toes and be alert at all times.
I remember explaining this to my Grandmother and I guess she finally understood it, especially after the experience of tense driving in another busy city where I lived for 2 years for college.
Last year I found out that my Mom's cousin also took a long time to get a driver's license herself at my age (22) but her reasoning was that she did NOT like to drive in the snow. She's terrified and even to this day she refuses to drive in snow. She'll drive in rain, sunshine, but not snow. At least it's nice for me to know that I was not alone in getting my driver's license in my 20s rather than 16.

Now for my pet peeves...
1) I would be minding my own business, concentrating on where I was going and all of the sudden from the corner of my eye I would see a car (truck or whatever) coming right at me on the side! Scary, right? Except, the car would be on it's turning lane on the other side in the opposite direction and about to make a turn- either to a driveway of some building or a U-turn. I HATE THAT!!!!!!! Why couldn't the driver just wait 2 more seconds before start to go??? It would certainly ease my heart to rest rather than jumping into my throat and causing me to panic in fear that I'll get hit.

2) Speaking of being in a turning lane...I would be on there, waiting for my turn to go across the street in my car and wait and wait and wait...until some stupid impatient ass honks! It's one of those times when I wish my car can talk or flash a sign to say a few things like:
-Don't YOU see cars coming?
-Excuse me, but I don't want to DIE because of you or have my beautiful car injured because of your impatient ass
-If you don't like it, then go around and let's see how YOU manage
-I'm not a daredevil or Evel Knievel so shut the *blank* up
I do swear that if I'm ever in an accident because of some asshole honked at me, then I will make that person pay for the damages as well as my hospital bill because it would be on them.

Brown Eyes

When I look into your eyes
the ending never dies
Your brown eyes twinkle with delight
day or night
Your smile brightens up my day
even when you're working or at play
Your brown eyes flash a smile
I could see it from a mile
I never know what to say
everything goes away
You seem to understand
I try to do of what I can
Someday it's worth it to try
I see it in your brown eye
A beginning that never ends
the color that blends
The strong force looks from the eye
deep to the soul from a cry
seeing right through a person's mind
with fear and kind
When the tear dries
I can see your brown eyes

Originally written in 1999

My Love Will Be Gone Forever

I sit on my porch patio
watching the stars and the moon
above the sky
I keep thinking of all those special times
My mind keeps going to the good days
I wonder what kind of pain he went through
what kind of thinking that he must have thought
I stare to the bright lights
to the place where we met
the place that had a history of many unknowns
I feel my eyes fill with tears
The haunting feeling that's deep in my heart
I don't know how to live with this pain
He was so good to me in many ways
many ways for me not to forget him
I try to move on with my life
But there's something holding me back
holding me tight and never letting go
these memories will never leave
he will never come back alive
and I need to go on with my life
My heart needs to go on as well
he didn't deserve the torture he got
and I wanted him to have the best
a life that he belongs
A life that last a long time
but he will never get it now
My heart is broken
yet, it's full
filled with emotion of pride
thankful for the chance to know an angel

Originally written in 1999 and revised in 2002
Dedicated to David Alvarez, died in 1998

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


When we are apart
we are dysfunctional
When we are together
we are perfect

Originally written in 2004

Our Heart

You and me
we are joined together
by the heart
Our love is the glue
to keep us together

Originally written in 2003


Petals are soft on the touch
stroking on it's light feathers
wilting of the age
blooming to the sun
falling gently to the ground
Blossoming through the soil
the stem still standing
Leaves holding the need of water
Rain falls
Sun shine
petals fly in the air
leaves breeze against the wind
holding to the knitted web
Brightness shine as fire
growing beautiful
Night comes
petals release the perfume
Day of hot
Night of cold
passing through it's own life time

Originally written in 1999


But where?
Anywhere is possible
to find the answers that need to be solved
away from the hard hand
the hand that rules to the abusing fist
Run too fast, causing a rapid heart beat
carry the tradition to freedom
to find the way to explore a different situation
Reach high up to the Northern star
find a route to find the way home
save the sleepy hollow on to route
Hide when it is possible to escape
to the freedom
to be right
to the freedom
that is to be served
Find the way to express the right
keep the faith that has the right to take over
Fight for the feedom
fight to escape

Originally written in 2000

My Love For You

My love for you is not wrong
I know that my feelings are strong
You make me feel like a princess
seal with a loving kiss
My love for you is something so beautiful
you make my heart so full
I could see the future with my eye
with someone that I could pass by
My dream is in my love
flying with a white dove
My love for you is all I need
I will follow your lead
to grow up with you, young to old
our love would turn from diamond to gold
with a flow of blood and flesh of us
Companionship is full of trust
My eyes light up every time I see you
it shows my love for you
My love is deep into my heart
I can't stand being apart
Time will cast a spell
you will hear a bell
the sound of fate upon us in time and space
hand in hand with elegant grace
because only you is what I felt
your smile makes me melt
From thunder of a heartbeat
to create our own magical heat
My love will never stop
I'm strong, I do not drop
We are together for life
to be husband and wife
I love the sound of your voice
you are my beloved choice
My love for you is very understanding
the power is very demanding
I love you with all my might
I think about you, day and night
knowing that love is in the air
showing you how much I really care
I will forever be in love with you
I believe that my feelings are true
a special spirit is putting us together
everything will soon get better
There's hopes and dreams for us too
for my love for you

Originally written in 1998; revised in 2002