Sunday, March 20, 2016

Having On-line Friends

In the past 4 months, I have lost 3 online friends, Dee, Marie and Peggy. Two were from the Beatles and the other with soap operas (although, one of the Beatles fans was also a soap fan, but I associate her more with the Beatles). All three were rather expected with warning signs, yet after 'knowing' them for a number of years I will miss them.

Now, some people I know personally would scuff at the idea of being friends with someone I never met personally. In a way, I can understand the worry part- there could always be someone on the other side of the computer who is a complete opposite of what they say. It could be a serial killer or pedophile. I like to surf in message boards of things I like so I can talk to people, know their point of view and see things that make sense or answer a question.
With me, after talking to the same people over and over consistently, trust starts to build and find oneself to be opening up. A message board or a chat room starts to feel like a family-vibe, sending a lengthy personal message or email. You start following on Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, MySpace, Facebook where you reveal more of who you are as a person. Mostly it's interest or hobbies. Then it will grow to sending Christmas cards and talking over the phone. And maybe a face to face meeting. You then realize that when out shopping, you will see something that would remind you of your online friend, maybe get it as a gift. Real friendships form.
When certain people I know personally complains that I am not social- yet I believe I am, just in this modern technology way. Different generation? Perhaps. Yet I have encountered many age groups. No matter what though, it's nice to know I have friends around the world. It is a good source of information to learn. Like an international recipe I would see on T.V. and would ask if it's indeed popular or if I am planning to be in their neck of the woods, where to go? It is also a great feeling to know that you aren't alone when dealing with a latest turmoil drama in life. I have also come to notice that my online friends like and reacted to my posts more than my own family members.

I think this article sums up my thoughts even more, sharing my point of view.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Goodbye Michael Q.

This is the only time I liked Michael Quatermaine, rather than Corinthos. Even when he was a child (being played by a different actor) I couldn't stand him. When Michael was shot in the head and was in a coma for a year, it was the best year ever! Then, his biological father A.J. came back and they reconnected, despite all the bad things his mother and stepfather Carly and Sonny Corinthos told him. Once Michael heard A.J.'s  side of the story and gave him a benefit of the doubt, I realized that I started to like Michael. It broke my heart and anger when Sonny shot and killed A. J. for 'killing' his fiancĂ© Connie (Ava was the real killer- the look on Sonny's face was priceless) yet Sonny wasn't at all sorry regardless. I could go on and on how Sonny is a self-righteous bastard, the worst kind of human that loves power, money, women, possessiveness... The point is that once Michael became a Quatermaine and hated Sonny, all was perfect. But it all ended when Sonny got shot (and unfortunately survived) and Michael returned as Sonny's golden child. Such a shame and loss. Michael is back to being my non favorite character. It didn't even last a year!