Monday, November 20, 2017

Iron Chef Mini Rant

I miss Cat Cora and Mario Batali on Iron Chef Showdown (aka America). I can't stand Alex Guarnaschelli... I believe she skated through competition by hardly doing anything impressive on The Next Iron Chef and got the title by her best buddy Geoffrey Zakarian, who just joined before she did. Amanda Frietag was robbed: she cooked her heart out and deserve that title.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Ocean Dreams

The wind blew against the sea
buried treasure was near the Key
Seagulls flew above the ocean
knowing that their prey was at the location

Sand washed against the shore
like it has done so many times before
Ships carried trades that are in need
with international people to feed

Sun rose from the water
it didn't cause a disturbing bother
Doing it's regular nature by the time
knowing that every other time

Explorers discover something new
an independent kingdom grew
The ocean is filled with wonderful creatures
never spoil the goddess of all kinds of nature

Originally written in 1998

Sunset, Sunrise

It is the end of the day
a giant golden ball settle on the ocean
Disappearing from the view
yellow, red, and orange blend in
Sun rays touch the soil of the Earth
clouds cover their white dust to light grey
with pink, purple, and turquoise
Setting into the new world to shine below
leaving the outer space to take over
the magic of the cycle
It's the beginning of the night
Stars appear brighter and brighter
the moon glows with shades of what and gray
Everything is now quiet
not a sound other than mother nature
Crickets begin their nightly chirp
a cool feel reach to the haze of the fog
Flowers open their petals to release their fresh scent
Morning comes with sunrays hitting the sky
Colors of pink, yellow, and blue
Birds sing and catch their prey
the action is starting to happen
It's the beginning of a new day

Originally written in 1997, revised in 2017

Thursday, October 12, 2017


but where?
Anywhere is possible
to find the answers that need to be solved

away from the hard hand
the hand that rules with an abusive fist
Run too fast, causing a rapid heart beat
carry the tradition to freedom

to find the way to explore different situation
reach high up to the northern star
Find a route to find the way home
hide when it is possible to...

to the freedom
the right

to the freedom
that is to be served
Find the way to express the right
keep the faith that has the right to take over

Fight for the freedom
Fight to escape

Originally written in 2000

Good Bye

Now it's time to say goodbye
as time goes by
The days went fast or slow
I write when I'm high or low
I create dreams, stories, and poems in my head
'till the day I'm alive to dead
You will stay or be gone
but you will never be done
See you wherever I'm there
so you could go anywhere
So, goodbye now

Written in 1998

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Queen of Hearts, The People's Princess, and Mother

I was 15 years old (almost 16), living in an apartment with my mom. It was late in the evening, I could hear and see the TV from my bedroom and overheard something about Princess Diana being in a car crash. She was in critical condition... It wasn't very long until the news came in that she died. That prompted me to go from my room to the living room to watch. Mom was a little freaked out strange to see her shared birth year as Princess Diana plus the death year (1961-1997) while I realized that I was the same age as Prince William. Instantly, my thoughts, prayers, just about everything went to her two boys that now had to go on without their mother by their side. The following morning, the local paper had the biggest and darkest font I've never seen before: DIANA DEAD. I still have that newspaper. 

The day of her funeral, I got up early to watch. When I saw that unforgettable small bouquet in front with the card that said Mummy, I cried. I did shed tears before during that week, but that moment I bawled my eyes out. I always thought she was beautiful, worthy to have a happily ever after; I remember Diana being in just about every imaginable media out there, before and after her divorce. 
While Prince Charles was not husband of the year to Diana, I do genuinely believe that her death devastated him. All of the sudden, he became a single parent. I do think he did a splendid job with William and Harry, from the way they are today- they're very close as royals could be. Diana will never be forgotten!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Steve Coming Back to GH

Steve Burton is coming back to General Hospital. But as who? That's the main question. His role that he had for 20+ years off and on has been taken over by Billy Miller. Here's a short recap of Jason and the two actors (from my point of view, of course):
GH experienced a new Executive Producer and Head Writer change after One Life to Live and All My Children were cancelled. Steve's favorite executive producer, Jill Farren Phelps, was deservingly fired and went to work at The Young & The Restless. Steve stuck around for several months, Jason did get interesting storylines but he wasn't part of the trio (Sonny, Carly, and Jason) hogging the show screen time any more. Steve was actually part of an ensemble cast! I guess he missed Jill a lot. He was her teacher's pet. Around the same time, Steve moved his family to Nashville, Tennessee and was voicing his anxiety to be with them. Pretty reasonable... So Steve quit GH as it wasn't accommodating him as much to travel to see his wife and children. Jason was shot, killed, and kicked into the freezing waters of the harbor, floating away to become fish food. Steve flew off to Tennessee in the sunset. Except, a couple of months later, Steve announced he had a role on Y&R! Where Jill is! Look, I get he needed to pay the bills, but surely he could've found work in Nashville? Seemed like Y&R had the means and needs to accommodate Steve to travel back and forth that GH didn't have. I saw this as bit of a betrayal. I bet GH does have the ability to make things work for their actor. Roger Howarth commutes between California (where GH is filmed) and New York (where his wife and kids live).
Billy, I guess since Jill arrived and quickly realized what a sucky EP Jill was, quit and about 2 years later since Steve left the role, took over the role of Jason.
Jason was rescued from the freezing cold harbor and recovered from his wound on Cassadine Island. Surprise, surprise, Helena had something to do with it as she always does. Helena liked Jason's skills as a mob enforcer and hated Sam, her husband's illegitimate granddaughter, so it was her psychotic revenge. Jason was transferred nearby to Port Charles to Helena's brother-in-law Victor Cassadine's clinic. He escaped but was hit by a car (Ava, by accident) she drove off. Jason's face was so badly mangled that after surgery, he had a brand new face! He also suffered from severe memory loss and became Jake Doe. He eventually discovered who he really was and gained his memory back.

What I don't like is that some actors, major example: Rebecca Budig who played Hayden Barnes, get fired or laid off for budget cuts and to accommodate the return of Steve Burton. If this had happened 10 years ago, I would've been thrilled at the return but I grew, started liking other actors that were more colorful than the one-note "cold stone" performance. I have no clue who Steve will play, the tale of two Jason's, or different character, or even how long other than it will be long term.
So... What? Nothing available at Days of Our Lives or The Bold & the Beautiful? Tyler Christopher just joined the cast of DOOL instead of returning to GH.

Obviously to say: I'm not ecstatic over the return...

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Favorite and Fascinating Well-known Couples

Here are my list of celebrity couples that were interesting, fascinated, and supported over the years… (in no particular order other than what came to me while making up the list)

Entertainment Showbiz
  1. Bobby Darin and Sandra Dee
  2. Sonny and Cher
  3. Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban
  4. Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks
  5. John Travolta and Diana Hyland
  6. John Travolta and Kelly Preston
  7. Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall
  8. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner
  9. Mariska Hargitay and Peter Hermann
  10. Jayne Mansfield and Mickey Hargitay
  11. Micky Dolenz and Samantha Juste
  12. Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz
  13. Carole Lombard and Clark Gable
  14. Carole Lombard and William Powell
  15. Freddie Mercury and Mary Austin
  16. Nikki Sixx and Brandi Brandt
  17. Nikki Sixx and Donna D’Errico
  18. Tommy Lee and Heather Locklear
  19. Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio
  20. Sean Penn and Madonna
  21. Robert Wagner and Natalie Wood
  22. Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh
  23. John Ritter and Nancy Morgan
  24. John Ritter and Amy Yasbeck
  25. Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love
  26. Elizabeth Montgomery and William Asher
  27. Barbara Eden and Michael Ansara
  28. Keith Moon and Kim Kerrigan
  29. Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis
  30. Bobby Flay and Stephanie March
  31. Todd Thompson and Giada de Laurentiis
  32. Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley
  33. Billy Joel and Katie Lee
  34. Nicolas Cage and Lisa Marie Presley
  35. Danny Keough and Lisa Marie Presley
  36. Elizabeth Taylor and Mike Todd
  37. Christopher Meloni and Sherman Williams
  38. Mick Fleetwood and Jenny Boyd
  39. Bobby Flay and Stephanie March
  40. Rita Hayworth and Orson Welles

  1. Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow
  2. King Henry VIII and Queen Anne Boleyn
  3. James and Dollie Madison

Monday, June 26, 2017

My Hero, My Mentor, My Mirror

Written and published in January of 2017
Joely and Carrie
On the eve before my sister Carrie took to the sky in the silver bird that would be her transport to her dramatic and untimely end, we had a long conversation. We spoke of love, age, our children and a dozen other subjects.
When I say spoke, I mean we texted each other on our smartphones, she in London and I in Laguna Beach. But even via text, and oceans apart, we could still hear the sound of each other's voice, that distinct Fisher timber that was full of mutual admiration. I clung to her every word, as I usually did, as we all did. Talking to Carrie always made me feel more interesting by osmosis. She expressed her amazement and pride regarding the anniversary of my marriage — 20 years this past New Year’s Eve — and compared my two-decade commitment to her own somewhat less steady love life. She threw in the word “crickets.” Quintessentially Carrie.
My sister would have wanted a dramatic exit; she just might have wished for another couple of decades before making one. She told me she wanted to see this political horror play out. She likely would have crafted a sharp, piercing novel about her non-conventional goings on with this national nightmare as the backdrop. But mostly, she would have wanted us to celebrate her life, her words and for Billie to be whole. In time she will be. She is smart and soulful and magic.
We spoke of our dear mothers, Connie [Stevens] and Debbie [Reynolds], both of whom have been fragile in the past year and how our roles as daughters had changed. My own belief is that our mutual father, Eddie Fisher, was everything you heard about him: charming, wildly talented, a playboy, a gambler, lost but he gravitated toward the spectacular in wives.
In 1977, Connie bought a house in Malibu. We walked out onto this tiny deck — sand and salt everywhere — and noticed that there was a swimming pool next door. Connie asked, "Who the hell has a swimming pool on the beach?" The real estate agent giggled and said, "Debbie Reynolds.” So we spent the better part of our childhoods as neighbors, our two families right next door. I adored Mama Debbie — she was such a character. And I got another sister and a brother in the deal, right there on the beach! Eddie even came to see us all together ... once.
During our transcontinental chat before Carrie's fateful flight from London to L.A., we promised we’d spend Christmas together. It’s a promise we kept, although not in a way either of us had anticipated. Throughout the holiday, I sat by her side in a hospital room filled with a cacophony of sounds made by the machines keeping her barely alive. Debbie, of course, was there as well. She told me that she’d been praying for more time. More time for Carrie, for herself and for Connie. I knew if those prayers weren’t answered, Debbie might very well join her daughter.
Of course, Debbie loved nothing more than the spotlight. And I can imagine Carrie is having a laugh right now, rolling her eyes at the kind of crazy ending that only happens in Shakespearn tragedies … and Fisher novels. Carrie’s mom has once again stolen the show, with the ultimate “twirled up” joke (see Postcards From theEdge).
I told both my sister Fish and mama Debs about how I had just returned to the stage. I told Carrie how I wished she could see me running around, singing my tits off and shaking my moneymaker and sent her a snap of me in my cat suit to which she replied, "Dance as long as you can...then keep dancing...but remember to change your shoes."
You all lost Princess Leia and Carrie Fisher; I lost my hero, my mentor, my mirror. My brother Todd has lost his sister and his mother, whom he has said will lay to rest together. There is no universe where these ladies are not due their appropriate pedestals, and both will be memorialized in separate ceremonies in coming weeks. My sister Tricia Leigh and I vow to be whatever our niece Billie needs us to be. We will pick up the saber, use the force ... whatever. We will honor these two magical people who have left the tribe in the way they lived, with grandeur and grace. I want them back but since I know that is not possible, I will soldier on. I have changed my shoes and will keep dancing to honor these magic people.
You can't "right" this shit, but you can "write "it. And do I have a hell of a book in me.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

From Crush To Disgust

It's a sad thing to realize that the man who I once had a massive crush on in the 1990s turned out to be an arrogant insensitive prick.
Once upon a time as a teenager in the 1990s, I used to obsessively watched reruns of Happy Days, Charles in Charge, and the first two seasons of Diagnosis Murder to enjoy Scott Baio and fantasized us being married. I also knew then that Scott was quite a ladies man and he did have that arrogance but at the time it was tolerable. Maybe because we didn't have social media at the time- the internet was still new yet popular as it is today. Now, especially with Twitter, I learned since that Scott is even more arrogant and condescending than I thought. Actually, he was starting to fall from my “stars in eyes” since early 2000s when he did that reality show of still being single and then later experiencing pregnancy while settling down with his wife, Renee Sloan. It was a wake up call to realize what an actual kind of man Scott is: I knew he was quite a ladies man (Heather Locklear, Erin Moran, Pamela Anderson, Nicolette Sheridan, to name the most famous few) but damn, he might as well be crowned as the ultimate man-whore!
Then things got pretty quiet: although I got pretty disgusted by his Playboy ways and lost some respect but I held on to some hope. I did give him the benefit of being a dedicated husband to Renee as well as being a good father to his daughter. Life went on.
Last year, everything started to change for the worst. Scott became a loud supporter for Donald Trump when he became candidate for President of the United States. He says he had always been a Republican ever since he registered to vote. OK, fine, since Scott registered in the late 1970s, there's been Presidents Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, George W. Bush, and now Trump. The Bushes didn't get much favoritisms from America, but ever since Trump took office their images and reputations have taken a much positive light! I am going to hold off on my rant about Trump another time… Anyway, I don't really truly care who you or anyone else vote for- it is your right as it is mine. Same goes for Scott. He went as far as to speak at one of the rallies, praising Trump, who is, in my opinion, unfit to become President and clearly hasn't read our Constitution nor the Bill of Rights. Scott stood faithfully with Trump during his sexual harassment scandals… I guess a ladies man stands by it's own kind. Scott also showed his disrespectful attitude towards Hillary Clinton, going as far to call her a cunt (most likely the worst name-call to call a woman). Yet, when President Bill Clinton was accused of sexual harassment, he was the bad guy in Scott’s eyes. Scott also claimed on his Twitter account that he “always” treated women right. Really, Scott? Have you seen your own reality show called Scott Baio is 45… And Still Single? One woman from Scott’s romantic past accused him of giving her a STD that ruined her life financially and ability to have a family. And there's also his ex girlfriend and former co-star Erin Moran.
Erin. She sadly passed away in April of 2017. When she was on his reality show, they somewhat made peace from their brief romantic fling during Happy Days and Joanie Loves Chachi. After both shows ended, Erin hit a rough patch after few bit parts became far and few in between until nothing. Then, by 2010, Erin's home foreclosed so she and her husband went to stay with his mother in a trailer park in Indiana. It's fair to say that she hit rock bottom after having a disagreement with her mother-in-law that she and her husband went to live in a hotel until they eventually went back to the trailer park where she recently died. Erin, along with Marion Ross, Don Most, Anson Williams, and the Tom Bosley estate, sued CBS (who owns Happy Days, why? I don't know considering it used to air on ABC) over merchandise rights. They won the settlement but Erin still continued to live in the trailer park. It's been said that many tried to help her: Henry Winkler tried to get Erin a role on Arrested Development but nothing came of it; Scott tried to help a few times but nothing so he gave up and went on with his own life while his wife Renee kept in contact with Erin until less of a month before her passing. Perhaps Erin had pride? She didn't want any handouts or anything other than digging out of her hole. Maybe she subconsciously grew to love the trailer park life and got used to it? Only Erin can answer that. She was disappointed in Hollywood on how they turned their back to her- she isn't the first nor would she be the last. It's a sad thing, a tragic side of stardom. Meanwhile, Scott has found a pretty steady career with Charles in Charge, Diagnosis Murder, and See Dad Run with an occasional guest starring or movie role. He has now semi-retired and is not worried about his bank account. They barely spoke to one another since; Erin hadn't kept much contact with Ron, occasionally with Henry, often with Marion, regularly with Anson and Don.
While I genuinely believe that Scott is completely devastated by her death 100% and perhaps it rattled him to the core. However he really went on to have a foot-in-the-mouth moment that, I think, will hang over his head until he dies. There were a few headlines from tabloids and talk claiming that Erin died of a heroin overdose. Scott seemed to have believed it. The autopsy hadn't been performed yet at the time and knowing Erin's drug use, Scott went with it. As a guest on a radio talk show, he was only asked about Erin's drug use. I think Scott should’ve avoided the subject, say “no comment” and kindly say wait until the autopsy is done. The following day after her death, the cause of death is Squamous Cell Carcinoma throat cancer in stage 4. According to her widower, she was diagnosed in November and started treatment. Scott nor his wife did not know this, neither did Ron or Marion. Anson knew; I don't know for sure about Don or Henry. Scott did admit he jumped quickly to conclusions while receiving backlash.
Then came the most ridiculous thing: Scott claimed that he is getting backlash from his original comments about Erin's cause of death because he is a Donald Trump supporter! Oh, please! Trump had nothing to do with this nor Scott’s support of his. This backlash is about Scott's foot in mouth blunder moment, not his Presidential vote. That's when my views on Scott went from starry crush eyes to pathetic moron. I can't look or think of him the same way any more. I don't hate him, but I now disrespect Scott. I won't hold his past work against him with the shows I still love and hold and dear to my heart. He is just barely anything to me anymore. 

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

My Top 15 Favorite Elliot & Kathy Stabler Episodes

Original Source

  1. Gray
It took 12 seasons to finally find out how Elliot and Kathy met. It's unclear what exactly where they were: the episode was based in college so it's naturally assumed that they met while in college. However, previous episodes indicated that Elliot and Kathy knew each other as high school teenagers. So, the best theory is that high schoolers Elliot and Kathy went to a college party- maybe a mutual friend, a sibling in college, or crashing or maybe a regular party- they were instantly attracted to one another but were nervous enough to use alcohol as a confidence boost… one thing led to another and wa-la (possible to conceive Maureen that night, but there was no mention of it in this episode). I wish more details on Elliot and Kathy's love story have more detail but it is what it is. Well, either way, Elliot thought that his meeting Kathy was a romantic memory. I can live with that! It did have Elliot thinking more closely about it, maybe comparing his case to his own experience. Kathy told him that although drunk, she knew exactly what she was doing  and didn't appear to have any regrets of what happened. After all, they’ve been married for 26 years and have 5 children!
I especially love when Elliot got up from his chair and went over to Kathy to kiss her during their personal revelations: Kathy wanted to go to Elliot to kiss him but was too scared… apparently Elliot would've welcomed a kiss from a stranger. Meanwhile, it took Elliot three beers to work up a nerve to say hello. Twenty-six plus years later, Elliot, this time sober (he hadn't yet drank the glass of wine Kathy poured him a few minutes before), went over to Kathy to say hello before kissing her. I genuinely think that the kiss (or make-out) would've lasted much longer if that darn Kathleen hadn't come in to interrupt them! I love the way Elliot looked at Kathy during this particular scene- his eyes were full of love and happiness to be with her.
Later, while trying to get ADA Sonya Paxton to not let Kathleen to testify on how she got their suspect’s disciplinary file due to aftermath consequences, Elliot had no intentions of protecting this guy for the risk of his job. He needs to feed his wife and family.
  1. Countdown
This episode has been my number 1 favorite for a long time until Gray aired (Countdown in season 2, Gray in season 12- 10 years). For me, it had all the sweet affectionate points:
1) I love yous
2) endearment nick name
3) happy to see and be with another despite the 2 seconds
4) kiss (on the cheek, twice of hello and goodbye)
5) a hug
It was the twins’ birthday and Elliot wasn't able to buy them a present because of a case. To enable for Elliot to at least see the twins on their birthday, Kathy took them to the precinct. Elliot was tired, grumpy, and snipping at Olivia; when he saw Kathy, Dickie, and Elizabeth, his face brighten. At the vending machines, Elliot sent the twins to see Munch while he spent a few moments alone with Kathy. There was also a moment where after they hugged, they looked at each other in silence after sighing, staring into each other's eyes lovingly with small smiles. One of those little sunshine moments in Elliot's dark day.
  1. Turmoil
Kathy appeared in three scenes and they were all stand-outs.
In the very first scene Elliot comes in the kitchen while Dickie (who is almost late for school) was drinking milk, Kathy was with Eli munching on breakfast treats. While passing by to the refrigerator for orange juice (the Stabler guys really like drinking from the carton), Elliot touched Kathy's back with smiles to her and Eli. Then he and Dickie got into it over his troubled best friend Shane- Kathy was in her own little world with Eli with her ears listening in. Sadly, this is the only time Eli shared a scene with one of his older siblings and there was barely any interaction (but that doesn't mean anything serious) other than Eli watching his dad and brother talk. The only other close call was in Alternate when Kathy was pregnant with him and with Kathleen… Anyway, Dickie had to go to school and Elliot had to go to Court.
After court, Elliot and Olivia went to work but Cragen was there to tell Elliot that since his phone was off at court, Kathy called him with news that his son was missing. Elliot's first thought was Eli but it was Dickie. He rushed home. Kathy already had a detective waiting and was frantically worried. I did like how Elliot touched Kathy's shoulders. Elliot thought that Dickie and Shane were skipping school and joyriding so he wasn't as worried about it. Surely, Kathy must've skipped school in her day, especially sneaking out of the house in the wee hours as it was somewhat admitted in Sophomore Jinx. Or maybe Kathy panicked because of her mother instincts told her something was wrong with her son? She was right though: Dickie, or Richard as he thankfully wanted to be called, was worried about Shane and was out looking for him. As the story unfolded (lasted 2 days), Richard and Shane planned to sign up for the Buddy system in the Army- they thought it would help Shane's reputation from a druggie to a responsible young man. Shane instead encountered with his friend who was homeless and desperately looking for drugs. When Shane failed to get the money out, he was killed. Richard found the homeless man the following morning, beating him up and demanding to know what happened to Shane. Richard was angry at his dad; in previous episodes, he looked at Elliot as his hero, they had a close relationship. But then Shane showed up and Elliot was very vocal of his disapproval. Also, Richard found that having a father as a cop was not easy and it was difficult to make friends. There was a moment where you would have to look at Elliot's face really closely: Richard made a dig about not being the first Stabler to have lost their mind, it provoked Elliot to shove Richard to the wall. You could see anger, and then once he realized what he had done, Elliot's face quickly changed to instant regret, an “Oh my God, what have I done?” It wouldn't surprise me if his own father had done that to him. Kathy came rushing in. She was concerned, not mad at all that Elliot shoved Richard to the wall- maybe it was the look on his face? Or maybe she knew the complicated relationship between Elliot's father and him? As well with Elliot and Dickie? Regardless, Kathy subtly calmed down Elliot and had a protective arm around Richard, who was literally carrying her off to leave. Later, on the phone, Elliot wanted Kathy to put Richard on the phone but no go. Richard refused.
At the end, Richard spent another night away from home (where did he go? To Maureen's? Kathleen's dorm?) and came home, obviously devastated by his best friend's death. He wanted to go ahead and join the Army, have Elliot sign him in so they wouldn't see each other again. But Elliot said no. Richard can hate Elliot all he wanted but Elliot wasn't going to let Richard go. It was painfully lovely.
  1. Paternity
The monumental episode where Elliot and Kathy welcomed their fifth child, Elliot, Jr. The birth itself wasn't just that big ta-da, it also featured the car accident that triggered the birth with Olivia there. I suppose it cemented the roles of Elliot's women in his life at the time: Kathy his wife and Olivia his partner, aka office wife. The accident created a strong bond between the two women. There was never really a problem between them before the accident, no cross words or insults, although Kathy was admittedly worried that Elliot would fall in love with Olivia and maybe was slightly envious over their bond. But Olivia always respected Elliot's marriage and she did seem to like Kathy. She was genuinely surprised and shocked by the news of separation and divorce. Anyway, in the first half of the episode, there's a scene in Elliot and Kathy's bedroom where his mind was elsewhere while settling in while Kathy was talking to him. He was wondering if Kathy was carrying his child… or not? Honestly, Elliot's timing sucked. I can totally understand his questioning, after all, when the baby was conceived they were still technically separated; we also have no idea what Kathy was doing while separated. But if I had been in Elliot's position, I would've asked the biological father possibility around the time when Kathy told Elliot she was pregnant. Not when she's about to pop! In fact, he had several chances of questioning the paternity several times since his job faced a number of infidelity and paternity DNA cases. Not the best husband moment for Elliot, in my opinion. Another not-so-great husband move Elliot made was that he forgot about Kathy's OB/GYN appointment when he went after a suicidal murderer until Olivia reminded him. Olivia volunteered and off he went. Kathy didn't seem to mind, of course a recurring job hazard in their marriage, but still… Elliot was way too dedicated to his job. At least, after hearing about the accident, Elliot immediately rushed over. He called Kathy through Cragen’s phone (I guess both Olivia and Kathy's phones were unreachable) who was in labor that he will be with her soon and that he loved her. Kathy gave birth in the ambulance and for the grand drama effect, she went unconscious with her heart stopping. At the hospital, Kathy was fine, sitting up in bed, and holding her baby when Elliot arrived. He went straight to her room, practically ignoring Olivia's presence other than quietly noticing the blood on her shirt. Elliot and Kathy shared a tender moment with their foreheads touching, eyes closed… why? Why not a kiss? I could accept no hugging- she was holding the baby and could've been in slight pain due to the car accident, giving birth, and almost dying. They were a kissy-kind of couple but this time around, no kiss to celebrate a birth of a baby, Kathy surviving an accident, and Elliot's arrival. Although I did thought the heads touch was sweet but it would've been more special with a kiss included. Then Elliot met the baby, holding him for the first time with a big touching smile on his face. Kathy then told Elliot that he was the father, answering his question from the previous night- he knew. Probably had a good thought process over it during his travel back to Kathy. While leaving, Elliot hugged Olivia as a thank you. Isabel did an excellent acting performance in this episode- she was on longer than previous walk on-and-off appearance here and there and got to truly show her acting chops. She held her own with Chris and Mariska, bravo!

  1. Contagious
A non Kathy episode, but she was mentioned. From season 6 during the beginning of the separation between Elliot and Kathy. Olivia tried to get Elliot to go home to get some rest, but he refused because the house was empty. Kathy and their children were living with her mother. I consider this a favorite because the episode showed Elliot's pain and anger over Kathy. He was furious at Kathy for leaving him, wondering how she could walk away after 20 years of marriage. Obviously, he did not want the separation in the first place and later divorce. But the problem he had with Kathy were communication skills- he rarely spoke about his cases. He reasoned that one of them had to sleep while the other stayed up and tried to protect his family from that dark side. I think he let certain cases get to him personal enough to withdraw away from Kathy.
  1. Wanderlust
Kathy appeared in three scenes, one included a nice few seconds making out on the couch while watching television. Not surprisingly that the other two scenes (before and after the kissing) became unforgettable blah… something to do with Maureen having a boyfriend and going to a homecoming school dance. I love the way Elliot had his arms around Kathy, and they both looked relaxed in each other's company. It got slightly spoiled by Elliot's concerns over Maureen and sex, while Kathy seemed to be okay with it, maybe getting a good kick out of it.
Well, let's face it: Kathy was with her children a hell lot more than Elliot, as being a housewife and it appeared that whenever Kathy interacted with her children, they were close and open with each other. The children never had any direct anger towards Kathy as they have with Elliot (Maureen in Sophomore Jinx, Kathleen in Trials and Swing, Dickie in Turmoil) and there was also some underlined tension whenever Elliot interacted with his children. Even Elliot pointed out in Popular that Kathy is the Parent and he is the Paycheck. Hmm, this is becoming too psychological analyzing babble- maybe save for a future post! Moving on!
  1. Delinquent
When this episode originally aired, little did the audience knew (and Isabel), this would be the last that we see of Elliot and Kathy together. Here's a little trivia based from “Twitter math” from the cast and crew: the pillow talk between Elliot and Kathy was not only a last minute added scene because the episode ran short but it turned out to be the final scene Chris would tape for SVU. Soon afterwards after the finale aired, he went in for his annual contract negotiations and left the show. Well, let’s focus on why this episode is on the favorite list: Elliot and Kathy were asleep in bed in the early hours of the morning (sun was starting to come up) and Elliot's cell rang. Elliot had his arm on top of Kathy and had no intentions to answer his phone, he wanted to keep sleeping on his personal day off. He didn't want Kathy to answer it either but she insisted. Kathy referred Olivia as his office wife and while talking to her, Elliot wanted to hold his wife's hand. Awww… some insist that Elliot was actually wanted the phone but Kathy pushed his hand away but I saw none of that; Elliot wanted his wife, not his partner on the phone. Apparently Elliot didn't tell Kathy about him being accused of sexual harassment a teenage boy made on him while being held for breaking and entering a stranger's home. Kathy then snuggled next to Elliot. Not a bad way to say “goodbye” to Elliot and Kathy together- in bed, affectionate, loving, wanting to be together…. Very nice.

  1. Scourge
A non Kathy episode. This is very brief, blink or you’ll miss moment: Elliot was with a victim’s devastated family member when a call from Kathy came in. Elliot gently sent the victim’s relative away to pull herself together and takes Kathy's call, he was happy to hear her voice. A bit of sunshine in his dark day.
  1. Burned
This wasn't the best Elliot and Kathy episode. It was about their pending divorce. Elliot, after several months of being served, hadn't signed the divorce papers. Kathy tried confronting Elliot about it in an earlier episode and got nowhere. This time around, she turned to Olivia to help convince Elliot to sign the papers. It didn't seem like Olivia did at all-- she wasn't too thrilled with Elliot at that moment, they weren't seeing eye to eye on a case and temperament insults were flying around. Eventually it was the case about two warring parents going through a nasty divorce battle that went as far as accusing rape and setting the other one on fire that prompted Elliot to sign the divorce papers and deliver them to Kathy. Why is this episode on my favorite list? Pretty much the last scene where it showed that Elliot was still in love with Kathy while sitting outside with Olivia in the early hours of morning and neither could sleep. Elliot only signed the divorce papers because he didn't want his love with Kathy turn into hate. He didn't want her to ever regret him. To me, that's love and that's why it's on the list. Elliot obviously doesn't regret Kathy.

  1. Ripped
A non Kathy episode, yet she was mentioned. Again, like Contagious, Elliot displayed his personal feelings over his pain and anger of his separation with Kathy. He did opened up a little bit more: Kathy left him without any signs or clues- she just up and left with their children. Prior to her departure, Elliot did try to seek help with the Priest for counseling but it may have done nothing for Kathy to pack up and leave. Yet his marriage problems were just a scratch on the surface; as it turned out, the deeper problem was his troubled relationship with his deceased father.
  1. Risk
Kathy appeared so briefly that it may as well have been a “blink or miss” trivia. Short yet sweet. Let's try to slightly prolong the scene: Kathy hadn't seen her husband for God knows how long and was concerned over how much sleep Elliot was getting and bought along dinner (a sandwich). Elliot was being his typical dedicated to the job detective mode wanting to see his case be solved and through despite being put on desk duty for his regularly run in with the IAB. Elliot overheard Munch give Olivia an update and wanted to get in on it, hands on. Here comes my favorite part: He grabbed Kathy's head with his hands and kissed her on the lips! He told her to hug the kids, he loves her, and thanks for dinner. And then he was off. It was close to the end of the episode.
  1. Home
A short family scene with Elliot and Dickie playing a board game with Kathy looking on. It lasted a less minutes than before but sweet nonetheless. Elliot got called away for a little boy that Kathy knew about and told him to go. They pecked each other on the lips. There were no indication of trouble for the marriage- they looked happy- the following year Kathy left Elliot embarking a 2 year separation with pending divorce. The separation did come as a shock but not totally surprised due to Elliot's obsessive dedication to his job and not so great communication skills other than 'fluff’ cases.
  1. Annihilated
Honestly, the reunion between Elliot and Kathy could've been done a little better. Maybe it was bad timing? The writers could've originally planned for Elliot's marriage to end in divorce but instead, Isabel got divorced, moved back near where SVU was filmed, and the crew were so impressed with Isabel's performance in the beginning of the season that the writers scrapped their original plan to rewrite Isabel as Kathy back into the show. Everything was done quickly that no thought out ideas were given time to plan out. In this episode, despite wanting to move back home, Elliot was dawdling yet after finding a dead wife and three young children, he got rattled and went to see Kathy to check on their sleepy children. This is the infamous episode where Elliot's butt crack made it's television debut and he and Kathy conceived Eli. Many, including Christopher, consider it as a booty call. Some even accused Kathy of seducing a vulnerable man- that I doubt. Elliot may have been shaken, but he was definitely in the right frame of mind and knew exactly what he was doing. Take it as you want. This episode had (1) Elliot and Kathy's first kiss in 3 seasons, (2) the first love-making scene from a regular character in the 'Law & Order’ franchise, and (3) a fifth child in the making for the Stablers.

  1. Lunacy
Another non Kathy episode but their son Dickie makes an appearance to meet the man he was named after. Apparently, Elliot's idol was an astronaut named Colonial Dick Finley. As a young adult teenager, Elliot wanted to be a jet pilot despite his many insistence that he wanted to be a cop all his childhood and teen years. Maybe it was a temporary change of mind until his girlfriend became pregnant and in order to support her, their new marriage and their baby, Elliot needed the money right then and there to become his original dream job as a cop. The only thing Elliot got to do to follow in his hero’s footsteps was to join the Marines. As it turned out, Dick was the guilty killer. I bet at that very moment and afterwards that Elliot was very happy to do right by his family rather than following his hero’s womanizing ways. There was a rather cute moment between father and son where Elliot confided in Dickie about him butting heads with his father and he realized he already had what he wanted in life that was more important: Kathy with Maureen on the way. Dickie realized that Elliot had knocked up Kathy before going into the Marines than after, as he originally believed. Elliot had that “Oh shit!” facial expression.
  1. Wildlife
Honestly, this wasn't the best Elliot and Kathy episode either but the final scene saved it from being off the list. The whole episode in general was ridiculous and comedic about endangered animal smuggling. The smuggling is no joke, but Special Victims Unit had no reason to be involved other the beginning with the female deceased victim. When they discovered what she was participating in animal smuggling, SVU should've given the case to the FBI. OK, back to Elliot and Kathy: there was an indication that things weren't going well with the marriage (before Elliot went undercover) on Elliot's side when he refused to take the call from Kathy. He told Olivia to tell her that he was out in the field. Olivia, to her credit, didn't look too pleased to lie to his wife but did so anyway. Now, why would he do that? Lots of unanswered questions there. According to Olivia and later Kathy while trying to reach him, she wanted to know when he would be home. Sounds like a normal wife thing to do. And Kathy didn't seem mad at all. Did Elliot wanted to avoid diaper duty? Did Elliot and Kathy had an argument earlier? Did Kathy do or say something that piss Elliot off? I do believe that whatever happened got cut out in the editing room and we will never know why. When Olivia told Kathy that Elliot was undercover, Kathy was mad that Olivia lied to her and that Elliot went undercover without telling her. Kathy then attempted to leave Elliot again with Eli but was stopped by Olivia, who promised to get Elliot to call her. When Olivia reached Elliot, she was on Kathy's side, doesn't blame her for being mad and Elliot was in the doghouse. Yet, Elliot did want Kathy to know that he had Olivia's cell when his undercover cell was taken away. It wasn't until an undercover cop Elliot arrested told Elliot that his family was long gone after leaving him that he had a change of heart. The next scene, the saving grace, had Elliot and Kathy in bed sleeping until Eli started to cry. Kathy attempted to get him but was stopped by Elliot, who was bandaged from being shot twice in the chest and arm, he was going to tend to Eli. Sure, Kathy could've stopped him but then again, Elliot must’ve had a lot of making up to do to be on Kathy's good side. He called her baby and then went to soothe Eli. 

Friday, February 17, 2017

My 'General Hospital' Tally

Favorite 'Modern’ Couples:
  1. Dillon and Kiki
  2. Ned and Olivia
  3. Franco and Nina
  4. Dante and Lulu
  5. Jason and Sam
  6. Franco and Elizabeth
  7. Kevin and Laura
  8. Hamilton and Hayden
  9. Valentin and Nina
  10. Nathan and Maxie
Favorite Bromance or Platonic Couples
  1. Nathan and Dante
  2. Scotty and Ava
  3. Nikolas and Ava
  4. Franco and Dr. O
  5. Curtis and Jason
  6. Tracy and Hayden
  7. Tracy and Hamilton
  8. Anna and Andre
  9. Lulu and Maxie
  10. Hamilton and Roxy
I betcha…
  1. Nelle is Carly's daughter. Father could possibly be Carly's teenage former best friend, the late Reese Williams (the real Carly Roberts) but was raised by Carly's adoptive wayward father Frank Benson.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Dick Remembering Mary

She was 23 years old, gorgeous of course, and had a kind of mid-Atlantic accent. She sounded a little bit like Katharine Hepburn. My first question was, “Can this girl do comedy?” After that I said, “She’s a little young for me.” I got to be on hand and watch her grow into the talent she became. She was just the best.  

I don’t know what made her comic timing so great. On Dick Van Dyke, we had Morey Amsterdam and Rose Marie, both of whom were old hams and had razor-sharp timing, and mine wasn’t bad either. But Mary just picked it up so fast. She had us all laughing after a couple of episodes. She just grabbed onto the character and literally turned us into an improv group, it was so well-oiled. That show was the best five years of my life.

I remember when we all won Emmys. We were nominated — or at least I was — for the first years and there was no comedy category. We lost to The Defenders. It wasn’t until 1966 that they added a comedy category, and that year we all won. My God, we were excited. We had also been cancelled!

The funny thing was, after the show went off the air, Mary had the reputation of being the wife, the woman who brings the coffee. So we cooked up this special called Dick Van Dyke and the Other Woman where we showed off everything she could do, and that somehow changed CBS’ mind and that’s how she got The Mary Tyler Moore Show. It fell into the hands of great writers. It was a milestone, that show. It kicked off an awful lot of enthusiasm in a lot of women. She got it moving! Thank God she ended up with Carl Reiner and those writers, who just understood her and what she did. The episode when Chuckles the Clown died? She was at the funeral and she was crying and suddenly, as she recalled him, she began to laugh. It was a performance that had me on the floor! It was just masterful comedy.

In 2012, I got to present her with her SAG Life Achievement award. She had moved to upstate New York and was already beginning to succumb to the diabetes, so outside of talking to her and her husband Robert, I didn’t see her unless it was an occasion like the SAG Awards. That night, she had trouble seeing, so they had to bring her onstage in the dark. For me, it was a payoff moment. A culmination. Outside of her family, I don’t think there was anyone more proud of her than I was. Just to watch her grow was such a thrill for me. She left an imprint on television comedy.
-Dick Van Dyke