Friday, November 11, 2016

Driving Pet Peeves

I hate when I am driving and all of the sudden a car on the opposite side of the road in a turning lane would look like it's heading right at you! That scares me and without fail I would quickly maneuver my car to avoid getting hit. Can't that driver wait until I am completely out of the way? It takes a couple of seconds, it wouldn't kill them! When I need to make a turn without a traffic light, I wait until I have a nice gap so I can go and not be hit.

Another thing that bugs me is that I would be on the turning lane, waiting to turn but it would take awhile when an apparently dare driver honks to say Go! But an incoming car would be coming quickly and you just know that if you do go then you will get hit. Geez, I will go as I damn will please! I am not risking my life so that the car behind me can be first in line. If don't like it, go around and try yourself.

95% of the time, I like to make my turns and U-turns at the light. Feels more safer.

At a parking lot, I would be backing out of the parking space, thinking I am safe with no one behind me (or someone who wants the space but gave you back up room is fine too) when all of the sudden, a car would drive by! Slam the brakes! What the hell???? Didn't that driver see me backing up? Rude! Couldn't at least politely stop and let me finish backing up so I can leave.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

General Hospital Flashback: Skye & Luke

"There's that chemistry that we have as actors that they can't help but write in. We can't help but play it even when it's not written. Tony and I like each other so much, and it translates in how well we work together"

"What Skye had with Luke was immature love. They'd never make a sacrifice for the other or be equal in any way. He was bad for her and she knew it. But they 'get' each other."

"Unfortunately, I didn't get to see Tony Geary, who was away while I was there. It's always a treat to see him."
Robin Christopher (about Tony Geary)