Friday, February 17, 2017

My 'General Hospital' Tally

Favorite 'Modern’ Couples:
  1. Dillon and Kiki
  2. Ned and Olivia
  3. Franco and Nina
  4. Dante and Lulu
  5. Jason and Sam
  6. Franco and Elizabeth
  7. Kevin and Laura
  8. Hamilton and Hayden
  9. Valentin and Nina
  10. Nathan and Maxie
Favorite Bromance or Platonic Couples
  1. Nathan and Dante
  2. Scotty and Ava
  3. Nikolas and Ava
  4. Franco and Dr. O
  5. Curtis and Jason
  6. Tracy and Hayden
  7. Tracy and Hamilton
  8. Anna and Andre
  9. Lulu and Maxie
  10. Hamilton and Roxy
I betcha…
  1. Nelle is Carly's daughter. Father could possibly be Carly's teenage former best friend, the late Reese Williams (the real Carly Roberts) but was raised by Carly's adoptive wayward father Frank Benson.