Friday, April 19, 2013

Jayne Mansfield with The Beatles

"John is very ingenious and funny...George is really great. So relaxed and polite. Ringo is adorable, very reserved. He doesn't say a word at all, unless it's something important. Paul and I couldn't meet each other, he lost all the joy..." -Jayne Mansfield

Ticket to Ride: Inside The Beatles’ 1964 &1965 Tours that Changed the World
By Larry Kane
(Larry Kane, a journalist, was traveling with The Beatles during their 1964 North American Tour, their second visit; they were in Los Angeles, California. The Beatles were fans of Jayne Mansfield’s film, The Girl Can’t Help It, released in 1956)
After a brief retreat to the bathroom, I returned as a spectator to the parade of arrivals…I tried to be nonchalant about the visitors, but it was difficult not to notice, especially when Jayne Mansfield walked in. Mansfield was a recognized star, a bona fide Sixties’ sex symbol who was greeted warmly and with some fanfare. She was also, to my surprise, a fanatic Beatles fan and an even bigger devotee of John Lennon
While Mansfield circulated, Lennon was in an anteroom near the big living room sitting on a sofa bed with a young lady…

Shortly after Lennon slugged Long John Wade (after misunderstanding a joke), he was introduced to Jayne Mansfield. It was lust at first sight. Lennon winked at me as he walked Mansfield through the room. He was pleased with himself, showing off a true American sex symbol. For her part, Mansfield was a charming, almost sweet person, whose cheesecake image may have belied a thoughtful human being. The two seemed to click, and as the party progressed late into the night, one thing was becoming clear: Mansfield wanted to see Lennon again. (She did, in grand and outrageous style, forty-eight hours later.)

(The next night) I reached the Owen mansion just in time to make the excursion. Jayne Mansfield was already at the house when I arrived. Lennon and Mansfield jumped into a police car, and John Wade, hardly shy, got in the car with them. George, Ringo, [Mal] Evans, [Neil] Aspinall jumped into another car. Paul stayed behind with his new friend, actress Peggy Lipton. The British reporters joined me in a cab. The driver was given the destination address- 8901 Sunset Boulevard.
The Whisky A Go-Go (now known as the Whisky) is a small Hollywood nightclub that has created big lore over the years…
The arrival of the small Beatles party was no surprise. Management had been tipped off, along with local radio stations. The place was packed. Jayne Mansfield and John Lennon, according to deejay Wade, arrived first after an interesting ride over. “They were making out like kids,” says Wade, who was riding with them, without his tape recorder. It seemed ironic that John, who had punched Wade earlier in the Hollywood visit, had had no qualms about his presence in the car.

(During the night, George threw his drink at a photographer but it landed on Mamie Van Doren. The photographer took the picture which appeared in the papers the next day) But the print press missed the real story: the budding friendship of Jayne Mansfield and John Lennon. After all, it was Jayne who had invited the band to the Whisky A Go-Go, and she sat with them most of the evening. What’s more, as the Beatles exited the club, Lennon and Mansfield were hand in hand. Near the rear door, a private security guard got between them, but Mansfield raced to rejoin John in the midst of the crush. In surging forward, the actress plowed into me, forcing my body into John’s, who was being pressed back into me by a zealous guard whose hands were wrapped around all of us. The surge to get out resembled a British soccer riot. But once we cleared the madness of the emergency door, we could breathe again, and I could only hope for no more freelance excursions by the Beatles.

Magical Mystery Tours: My Life with the Beatles
By Tony Bramwell
…Don [Arden] also looked after Jayne Mansfield. I was at the Savoy having a drink with Don and some of his lads when I glanced up and there she was in one of those famous crocheted dresses and big wigs. Evan in that sophisticated establishment, full of international stars, people were turning and staring and she smiled and glowed, doing a Monroe number. I think she was over to do the Batley Variety Club and Caeser’s Palace. I couldn’t imagine what she did onstage, but I presumed it was some kind of Marilyn Monroe, sex bomb “I wanna be loved by you” –type performance.
Jayne and Mickey Hargitay had already split up, so when she took a shine to me and came on over, I smiled back at her, all kinds of fantasies happening, when she suddenly produced a baby from almost thin air. She handed it to me and said sweetly, “You look a kind young man. Would you mind holding Mariska for me while I do a photo shoot?”
There I was, suave old me, sitting at the bar in the Savoy Hotel, a foggy day in London Town, raincoat over my shoulder, drinking a martini- and bouncing Jayne’s cute eighteen-month-old baby girl up and down and making goo-goo noises at her. Afterward, we all went off by taxi to Carnaby Street for a bit of shopping and some more drinks. A few months later Jayne was killed in a car crash. Her children, asleep in the back, survived. Mariska Hargitay grew up to become the beautiful detective from Law and Order: Special Victims Unit.

Yeah Yeah Yeah! The Beatles: The Complete Story
From NME November 9, 1964 Archive (2013 UNCUT magazine)
Meanwhile, back at St. Pierre, John was receiving visitors like Bobby Darin and Sandra Dee. Then someone told him Jayne Mansfield had arrived. John helped himself to another drink and went through to meet the star.
"Why, it's the Jayne Mansfield," he greeted her. "And Mickey Hargitay, good to see you," he said turning to a man accompanying her.
"Oh silly," giggled Jayne. "Mickey's my ex, this is another friend."
An hour later, John left the house to join George and Ringo at the Whisky A Go Go, a swinging club on Sunset Strip. And there again was Jayne Mansfield. It was here that George flung the remains of his Scotch at a photographer who tried to take a picture of the three Beatles with Jayne Mansfield. She had summoned the cameraman over. No pictures had been the rule for the visit to the club, and George meant to enforce it- although the photographer got a better picture than he could ever have wished for. Within hours it was wired around the world.
Ten minutes after their arrival, there was chaos and John, George and Ringo decided to leave. They made their way back to St. Pierre to a police car and waved to the fans who had insisted on waiting all night. In the house, they slept. And for a few hours Hollywood rested too.

The Beatles' Anthology
"The Girl Can't Help It is still the great music film...Then Jayne Mansfield comes on and the game's over and the guy's glasses break. At the same time, Little Richard is singing 'The Girl Can't Help It' and then Eddie Cochran does Twenty Flight Rock'" -Paul McCartney

"We went to Los Angeles, where we stayed in a big old shady house in Bel Air. Somebody conned us into going to the Whisky A Go Go. It seemed to take us 20 minutes to get from the door to the table and instantly the whole of Hollywood paparazzi descended. It was a total set up by Jayne Mansfield to have pictures taken with us. John and I were sitting either side of her and she had her hands on our legs, by our groins- at least she did on mine. We'd been sitting there for hours, waiting to get a drink, we had glasses with ice in them, and the ice had all melted. A photographer came and tried to get a picture and I threw the glass of water at him. He took a photo of the water coming out of the glass and soaking accidently the actress Mamie Van Doren, who just happened to be passing. We got out of there, it was hell. We left town the next day and I remember sitting on the plane, reading the paper and there was the photo of me throwing the water." -George Harrison

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

15 Years Later- Linda McCartney

15 years ago today is the anniversary of the passing of Linda Louise Eastman See McCartney, the wife of former Beatle Paul McCartney.
I remember that day in 1998 clearly when I heard the news- I was 16 years old and was in a drive-thru of Taco Bell when we heard about it on the radio. Both of us went "aww" and then "wait a second, Paul's now single!" (I wonder how many Beatles' fans have thought of that?) It's not meant to be insensitive as we both knew our chances were laughable none. We then went to my Aunt's house for a little family gathering where we told them the news and most of them looked at my mother and said "So, Paul's now single, are you going to England?" I guess we weren't the only ones who thought that! All joking aside, it was a sad day.
I did like Linda, I still do. My birthday is a day after hers- which makes her exactly 40 years and 1 day older than me; we're both Libras so I have that kinda special connection with her. During the years that Linda lived in my lifetime, I could tell that Paul was deeply in love with her. I remember watching a tape of old Wings concert videos where Linda's keyboards were stationed right on Paul's left side and he would often turn to look at her, give a smile or making sure she was there and doing all right. Today, Linda's station on stage is now where Paul puts his grand piano. I do often wonder that whenever he looks back at that area and forgets but then remembers "oh yeah". Time to time since with his concerts I do catch him looking back there- maybe it's out of habit? Or maybe just checking out the rigs? I don't know since I'm not a musician but then again I'm sure he's looked over at his sides expecting to find John and George there (especially after the Beatles broke up and Paul went back to touring) time to time. I remember in Wingspan Paul told Mary that he always fearing being in another band that he'll look over and think "who the hell is that? Where am I???" and having Linda there was very comforting.
Because I knew that Paul was deeply in love with Linda, my 16 year old brain was worried about him. There were a few moments where I thought that he may commit suicide so he could join her or become very reclusive and spend his time watching the wallpaper peel off the walls. They spent only 9 days apart during their 30 years of being together (29 years of marriage) so perhaps the idea of continuing on with life without the love of his life would be unbearable. I know it sounds a bit over dramatic but again I was 16 and 16 year olds tend to be over dramatic! Thankfully Paul didn't go in that direction- he gave out a good cry for a year and went to the "woman" that had never abandon him: his music. He also fell in love and got married (twice) and became a father for the fifth time (I am not going to make this into a Heather Mills-Nancy Shevell post, this is all about Linda today) so I am glad that Paul managed to face life without Linda and move on. Linda is still all around him- he has friends that knew her well, he still keeps in touch with her family and her brother is one of his lawyers, there's also Wings and her photography that Paul continues to perform and use. He also continues her crusade of encouraging to go Veggie and save the animals. He also comforts himself knowing that Linda was a happy person while she was on Earth, she was a devoted wife and beloved mother. Her children still think about her to this day and she's woven into their jobs one way or another.

Rest in Peace Linda

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Happy 50th Birthday Julian Lennon

Technically, Julian Lennon's birthday was on April 8th, earlier this week.
It is pretty hard to imagine that Julian is now 50. He has outlived his father John Lennon now for 10 years and counting. I do wonder how John would be feeling like if he was still alive. Would he be flabbergasted? Would he be in disbelief? A lot of fans on both Twitter and Facebook were feeling those for sure. Many feel old. Many still think of Julian as a kid- either from when he was a toddler in the Beatles' years or just starting out as a musician in the 1980s. John never lived to be 50; if he had been alive today, he would've been 72 years old. I think if John was alive, he would've been bald. His father Alfred was bald from the pictures I've seen of him. John's hair was even looking like it was thinning. And now today, Julian is starting to get that way too- his forehead looked bigger than it did 20 years ago.
I do remember Julian when I was a little girl. I remember seeing his music video Too Late for Goodbyes on MTV when it came out. I was under 10 years old. I didn't exactly follow his career closely- my Barbies were far more interesting. I was also too hung over by Queen during that time period. It wasn't until the 1990s when I started to really pay attention. However during that time in Julian's life, he made 2 studio albums, a few songs for a few soundtracks here and there and kept a low profile for the most part. For Julian's part, it turned out that he was searching for answers regarding his father as well as making sense and peace of all the messes that happened in his life, personal and professional turmoils, a drug habit, to name a few. Today, it seems as though Julian did manage to find some answers as well as making peace and concluded that his father John Lennon was a great musician for sure but not exactly Father of the Year material.
There's been many that questioned if John ever loved Julian, especially after judging John's close-knit relationship with his second-born son Sean. I'm not one of those people who questioned John's love for Julian. In fact, I have my own "conclusion":
John did love Julian, right from the beginning. Yes he was shocked that Cynthia (John's first wife, mother of Julian) was pregnant, and yes, I do agree that the pregnancy may have not been the best timing. But things happen. He never convinced Cynthia to get an abortion. I have never heard or seen any indication about that. Nor give Julian up for adoption. But neither of those two things Cynthia would have never opted those for herself and for her baby either. In her defense, Cynthia wasn't prepared for motherhood either nor was it the right timing for her. I don't believe ever that Cynthia wanted to trap John into marriage and having a family or whatever. At that time, John was broke and was at the beginning line of getting famous with The Beatles. So was Cynthia. She lived in shabby apartment while John lived with his Aunt Mimi Smith. Anyway, Cynthia never considered adoption or abortion- she did mentioned it in her 2005 book John and pretty much said "no way, I'm keeping my kid regardless". Cynthia also gave John the chance to back out and break up with her. John was not backed into the corner- he had a way to escape and not look back. But John didn't do that either. John was raised with the knowledge of "If you get your girlfriend pregnant, you marry her" (as was Cynthia) but not only did Cynthia gave him the option of leaving her, his Aunts also suggested he take that option but he refused. Then again, there's other sides of friends and business associates that say the opposite that John didn't want to marry Cynthia. Maybe that's true to a degree- John was only 21 years old and his career was starting to take off. I don't think John was thinking of marriage at that point but according to Pete Best, John did plan on marrying Cynthia after once the Beatles started to take off. (Of course, there's also the people who strongly believe that if Cynthia hadn't gotten pregnant, John wouldn't have married her- but that is a big WHAT IF scenario and that's something we would never know). But no matter what people say- relative, friend, business associate, band-mate, fan- the only person that only knows how he really felt and thought was John. And he's dead. But the fact remains: John went through with the marriage that lasted for 6 years. The Who's Roger Daltrey was in that similar situation with his first wife Jacqueline but their marriage lasted much less than that (however I should add that Roger and Jackie had taken vacations together with their son and their respected families so their post-divorce led them as parents to their son Simon and as friends). Another point I would like to say is that there's quite a number of people who have treated John and Cynthia's wedding/marriage as a pregnancy-induced shotgun deal- it's not like John and Cynthia met one night in July of 1962 and had a one-night stand! John and Cynthia were together for 4 years before Cynthia got pregnant. To tell you the truth, I'm a bit surprised that they didn't get pregnant sooner as they never used protection that was available in those days and they were quite a pair of passionate rabid bunnies!
When Julian was born, John was 22. His career as getting busier and busier, which made John away a lot so he missed any opportunities to really make a strong bond-base between father and son. Julian seemed to have made peace with this part. John was a musician and if you are going to be a musician, chances are you'll be away a lot. You'll be in the studio for long hours recording an album. You'll be touring- and in those days you barely had control of your profession as a musician. John couldn't really take his family with him on tour as Paul McCartney later did after the Beatles' broke up because there were so many fans surrounding them. John already took Cynthia with him to America and that experience probably showed him the light and decision to leave the family home. By the time Paul started to tour on his own, the fans' mania had cooled off in some respects. I'm pretty sure the same situation would've been if John had been an actor, or a cop, or a doctor. When Julian became a musician himself and saw firsthand of what life was like, I'm sure Julian went "ooooooh, now I get it".
John also didn't exactly had the best father-figure in his life. His father Alfred was barely there, he did had his Uncle George but he died when John was about 13 years old. There was also John Dykins, his mother Julia's boyfriend and father of John's half sisters Julia and Jackie but I don't think John ever saw him as his own father-figure.
John did realize his mistakes and tried his best to make up for them when he had Sean. Although I believe his intentions were from the heart, I don't think it was the way to go to make it up with Julian. If John wanted to make up lost time then he should've thought that Julian could live with him for a few years. I don't think Julian would've relished that idea nor would Cynthia but it would've done something, a big difference. What's a better way to really know someone than to live with them? I do recall John wanted full custody of Julian during the time he and Cynthia were getting a divorce but he was talked out of it by one of his Aunts and his lawyer that the child was best left with his mother on a regular basis (and Cynthia was very willing to give a fight).

Monday, April 1, 2013

General Hospital's 50th Anniversary

Today is 'General Hospital''s 50th Anniversary.
I started to watch General Hospital in 1996. I can recall Lily Rivera Corinthos being blown up by her own father (who was really after her husband, Sonny Corinthos- who is still on the show) and Carly Roberts coming on board as an intern nurse while looking for her biological mother Bobbie Spencer (who gave her up for adoption as a teenager while working as a prostitute before becoming a nurse). Ever since then I've been hooked. I've been loyal even during their worst years. It was in danger of being cancelled about a year or two when ABC cancelled All My Children and One Life to Live- if it had been, ABC would've been the only major network without a soap (CBS has The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful while NBC has Days of Our Lives). Luckily, under a new Executive Producer and Head Writer, fresh off from OLTL, GH managed to be saved from the chopping block. Thank goodness! But to be honest, when the news that OLTL was cancelled, I wanted GH to be cancelled rather than OLTL. At the time, it was in it's worst years (I blame Head writers Robert Guza, Jr., Garin Wolf, and Executive Producer Jill Farren Phelps at this point of time) while OLTL was doing very well with their storylines. I had quit OLTL a few years before because it was all about Spencer Truman- he was in every freakin' storyline imaginable and I just got sick of it. But when I heard that Todd Manning (at the time was being played by Trevor St. John, a good replacement during Roger Howarth's absence) was going to have a long-long daughter Dani, I was intrigued so I came back. At the same time, my past favorite couple Natalie Buchanan Banks and John McBain were on the road to reuniting, so it was a double treat for me to return. Anyway, at the time I was willing to sacrifice GH for OLTL but thankfully Frank and Ron went to GH and even brought over Roger Howarth's Todd (who did return back to OLTL just before the cancellation announcement was made), Kristen Alderson's Starr Manning and Michael Easton's John McBain to Port Charles. I thought they fit in well until the Prospect Park/OLTL mess that's currently happening.

There's so much to remember after watching for quite a long time, so I'll try my best with my lists. There's no particular order- just what comes to mind. I can always edit whenever something to comes to mind later!
Favorite Couples (Past and Present)
1. Dillon and Georgie
2. Dante and Lulu
3. Jason and Sam
4. Luke and Tracy
5. Johnny and Olivia
6. Luke and Skye
7. Jax and Skye
8. Jax and Chloe
9. Ned and Alexis
10. Luke and Laura
11. Mac and Felicia
12. Nikolas #2 and Gia #1
13. Mac and Katherine
14. Max and Diane
15. Ric and Reese
16. Nikolas and Nadine
17. Damien and Ellie
18. Damien and Georgie
19. Ethan and Rebecca
20. Coleman and Kate #1
21. Lucky and Elizabeth
22. Ric and Elizabeth
23. Shawn and Alexis
24. Edward and Lila
25. Alan and Monica
26. Jerry #1 and Bobbie
27. Nikolas and Courtney
28. Stefan and Katherine
29. Cesar and Liesl

Favorite Couples That I Wanted to Get Together
1. Jason and Carly* #1 (Sarah Brown)
2. Todd and Heather
3. Nikolas and Claudia
4. Cameron and Alexis
5. Lucky and Claire
6. Johnny and Lisa*
7. Ric and Claudia*
8. Steve #1 and Carly #2
9. Nikolas and Britt
10. Milo and Ellie
*they did had sex a few times but there was never anything cemented to be a serious romantic relationship

Favorite Couples That I Used to Loved But Now What Was I Thinking?
1. Jason and Courtney
2. Logan and Lulu
3. Sonny and Hannah
4. AJ and Courtney

Favorite Friendships
1. Jason and Carly (#1 especially)
2. Jason and Damien
3. Jax and Alexis
4. Luke and Alexis
5. Luke and Skye
6. Alexis and Diane
7. Alexis and Chloe
8. Todd and Carly
9. Todd and Heather
10. Carly and Olivia
11. Lucky and Dante
12. Anna and John McBain
13. Felicia and Bobbie
14. Georgie and Brook Lynn

Who I Want to Come Back
1. Georgie (from the dead)
2. Blackie (from prison)
3. Lucas (from out of town)
4. Claudia (from the dead)
5. Dillon (from out of town)
6. Skye (from out of town)
7. Ned (from out of town)
8. Lucky (from out of town)
9. Ethan (from out of town)
10. Chloe (from the dead)
11. Ric (from out of town)
12. Faith (from the dead)
13. Justus (from the dead)
14. Jason (from the dead- but at the moment I can do without him)

Characters That Should Stay Dead & Not Return Alive
1. Sage
2. Diego
3. Emily
4. Luis