Friday, February 17, 2017

My 'General Hospital' Tally

Favorite 'Modern’ Couples:
  1. Dillon and Kiki
  2. Ned and Olivia
  3. Franco and Nina
  4. Dante and Lulu
  5. Jason and Sam
  6. Franco and Elizabeth
  7. Kevin and Laura
  8. Hamilton and Hayden
  9. Valentin and Nina
  10. Nathan and Maxie
Favorite Bromance or Platonic Couples
  1. Nathan and Dante
  2. Scotty and Ava
  3. Nikolas and Ava
  4. Franco and Dr. O
  5. Curtis and Jason
  6. Tracy and Hayden
  7. Tracy and Hamilton
  8. Anna and Andre
  9. Lulu and Maxie
  10. Hamilton and Roxy
I betcha…
  1. Nelle is Carly's daughter. Father could possibly be Carly's teenage former best friend, the late Reese Williams (the real Carly Roberts) but was raised by Carly's adoptive wayward father Frank Benson.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Dick Remembering Mary

She was 23 years old, gorgeous of course, and had a kind of mid-Atlantic accent. She sounded a little bit like Katharine Hepburn. My first question was, “Can this girl do comedy?” After that I said, “She’s a little young for me.” I got to be on hand and watch her grow into the talent she became. She was just the best.  

I don’t know what made her comic timing so great. On Dick Van Dyke, we had Morey Amsterdam and Rose Marie, both of whom were old hams and had razor-sharp timing, and mine wasn’t bad either. But Mary just picked it up so fast. She had us all laughing after a couple of episodes. She just grabbed onto the character and literally turned us into an improv group, it was so well-oiled. That show was the best five years of my life.

I remember when we all won Emmys. We were nominated — or at least I was — for the first years and there was no comedy category. We lost to The Defenders. It wasn’t until 1966 that they added a comedy category, and that year we all won. My God, we were excited. We had also been cancelled!

The funny thing was, after the show went off the air, Mary had the reputation of being the wife, the woman who brings the coffee. So we cooked up this special called Dick Van Dyke and the Other Woman where we showed off everything she could do, and that somehow changed CBS’ mind and that’s how she got The Mary Tyler Moore Show. It fell into the hands of great writers. It was a milestone, that show. It kicked off an awful lot of enthusiasm in a lot of women. She got it moving! Thank God she ended up with Carl Reiner and those writers, who just understood her and what she did. The episode when Chuckles the Clown died? She was at the funeral and she was crying and suddenly, as she recalled him, she began to laugh. It was a performance that had me on the floor! It was just masterful comedy.

In 2012, I got to present her with her SAG Life Achievement award. She had moved to upstate New York and was already beginning to succumb to the diabetes, so outside of talking to her and her husband Robert, I didn’t see her unless it was an occasion like the SAG Awards. That night, she had trouble seeing, so they had to bring her onstage in the dark. For me, it was a payoff moment. A culmination. Outside of her family, I don’t think there was anyone more proud of her than I was. Just to watch her grow was such a thrill for me. She left an imprint on television comedy.
-Dick Van Dyke

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Daughter & Mother Eternal Bond

Carrie Fisher
 When news first broke that Carrie Fisher had a heart attack while on the plane and was in stable but critical condition, I prayed for her. I was hoping that she would survive- there are heart attack survivors. 2016 had been a doozy of a year, probably more celebrity deaths than usual. It was s doozy for me personally too (at this time, I am keeping that to myself. I don't want everything about me broadcast on the Internet!). Carrie still had a lot to live for. More books to be released. Another 2 Star Wars movies (one she managed to complete; the other will have to find a way to go on without Princess Leia). More acting jobs. Carrie lived through Christmas. Her last Christmas. Still in a coma. She never woke up. Spent with her brother, sisters, daughter, and mother around her bedside. She had so many people pulling for her, wanting to survive. But... a few short days later, Carrie succumbed. She joined her father, Eddie Fisher, in Heaven.
Debbie Reynolds
   About 24 hours later, news came in that her mother, Debbie Reynolds, was rushed to the hospital on a possible stroke. In the evening, her death was announced. As it turned out, Debbie's brain hemorrhage and she had no chance. Many, including me, believe she died of a broken heart. Carrie was Debbie's first born- no question that she loved her son, Todd, just the same- but there's something about firstborns that make the bond even more special. Debbie wanted more time for Carrie during those four lingering days. The next day, she told Todd that she missed Carrie and wanted to be with her. I don't think Debbie actually wanted to die- she still had her son and her granddaughter, Carrie's daughter, Billie Lourd, to be there for. She was a grieving mother- I am sure all mothers who lost a child have felt this way. Debbie was no different. She raised Carrie and Todd on her own, literally. Their father, Eddie, drifted in and out- depending who you believe of why. Not long after she said those words, Debbie went unconscious, soon died in the hospital with her son by her side. Poor Todd and Billie, they had to plan two funerals. Yet, they were comforted by the thought that Carrie and Debbie are together again. Carrie's (half) sisters, Joely and Trisha Fisher, felt that Debbie didn't have long to live after Carrie died. Debbie probably also wanted to piss off Eddie by coming too.
I was out on errands when I received a text from a friend with news of Carrie's death. I felt like I was kicked in the stomach. I wouldn't say I am a huge fan, but I like Carrie. She had a great sense of humor and a talented actress and writer. I had to take more than one moments to pull myself together to breathe while I was barely breathing. It didn't help that I also had Aunt Flo visiting me that week. It was a sad day. The next day, it was in the evening, when I again got a text from the same friend with news of Debbie's death. I didn't gasp for breath as I did with Carrie, but my heart sank. I felt so bad for Todd and Billie, Joely and Trisha.
Rest in Peace Mary Frances Reynolds & Carrie Frances Fisher

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Invisible in Chaos

Surrounded by people
They say they want to talk
Yet not being talked to
They say they are interested
Nobody to listen
They say I am included
All I got was short attention span
They are all talking
To each other and crisscross
But not to me
I might as well be invisible
I think about sneaking off
Without saying goodbye
Nobody would miss me
Or noticed I am not there
Barely an acknowledgement
Why do I bother going?
I thought it would be fun
I was wrong
They say they are concerned
Not really
Do they really care?
Maybe pretending to
Lesson learned
I am happy by my lonesome

Written in 2016

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Social Media Pet Peeves

I have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr (MySpace too but I admittedly abandoned it once it got out of fashion and it got hard to navigate with so many "upgrades" it went through).

Understandably with social media, entertainment fans tend to set up an account dedicated to a favorite entertainer. I myself am guilty of making a few fan accounts of my own. However, on Instagram especially, a person will start using the fan account in question and turn it into a personal account. I can't stand that! Sure, they will post a picture to go with the account theme but the caption would be completely different. Instead of reading a fact, debunking a myth, sharing a quote or whatever, I would read something like "I got a big test tomorrow and barely studied!" or "I think my boyfriend is cheating on me, so I am cutting his head out of my pictures" or something. I apologize but if I want to read something personal about the person, then I'd follow their own account to get their own life story and dilemmas. But no, I am following a fan account that likes to talk about themselves rather than their subject. I have sworn to myself that I will never turn my fan accounts into my life story. It's what my personal account/profile is for. I am okay with expressing opinions and musings about the entertainer in question because it's about the entertainer!

Friday, November 11, 2016

Driving Pet Peeves

I hate when I am driving and all of the sudden a car on the opposite side of the road in a turning lane would look like it's heading right at you! That scares me and without fail I would quickly maneuver my car to avoid getting hit. Can't that driver wait until I am completely out of the way? It takes a couple of seconds, it wouldn't kill them! When I need to make a turn without a traffic light, I wait until I have a nice gap so I can go and not be hit.

Another thing that bugs me is that I would be on the turning lane, waiting to turn but it would take awhile when an apparently dare driver honks to say Go! But an incoming car would be coming quickly and you just know that if you do go then you will get hit. Geez, I will go as I damn will please! I am not risking my life so that the car behind me can be first in line. If don't like it, go around and try yourself.

95% of the time, I like to make my turns and U-turns at the light. Feels more safer.

At a parking lot, I would be backing out of the parking space, thinking I am safe with no one behind me (or someone who wants the space but gave you back up room is fine too) when all of the sudden, a car would drive by! Slam the brakes! What the hell???? Didn't that driver see me backing up? Rude! Couldn't at least politely stop and let me finish backing up so I can leave.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

General Hospital Flashback: Skye & Luke

"There's that chemistry that we have as actors that they can't help but write in. We can't help but play it even when it's not written. Tony and I like each other so much, and it translates in how well we work together"

"What Skye had with Luke was immature love. They'd never make a sacrifice for the other or be equal in any way. He was bad for her and she knew it. But they 'get' each other."

"Unfortunately, I didn't get to see Tony Geary, who was away while I was there. It's always a treat to see him."
Robin Christopher (about Tony Geary)