Monday, November 20, 2017

Iron Chef Mini Rant

I miss Cat Cora and Mario Batali on Iron Chef Showdown (aka America). I can't stand Alex Guarnaschelli... I believe she skated through competition by hardly doing anything impressive on The Next Iron Chef and got the title by her best buddy Geoffrey Zakarian, who just joined before she did. Amanda Frietag was robbed: she cooked her heart out and deserve that title.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Ocean Dreams

The wind blew against the sea
buried treasure was near the Key
Seagulls flew above the ocean
knowing that their prey was at the location

Sand washed against the shore
like it has done so many times before
Ships carried trades that are in need
with international people to feed

Sun rose from the water
it didn't cause a disturbing bother
Doing it's regular nature by the time
knowing that every other time

Explorers discover something new
an independent kingdom grew
The ocean is filled with wonderful creatures
never spoil the goddess of all kinds of nature

Originally written in 1998

Sunset, Sunrise

It is the end of the day
a giant golden ball settle on the ocean
Disappearing from the view
yellow, red, and orange blend in
Sun rays touch the soil of the Earth
clouds cover their white dust to light grey
with pink, purple, and turquoise
Setting into the new world to shine below
leaving the outer space to take over
the magic of the cycle
It's the beginning of the night
Stars appear brighter and brighter
the moon glows with shades of what and gray
Everything is now quiet
not a sound other than mother nature
Crickets begin their nightly chirp
a cool feel reach to the haze of the fog
Flowers open their petals to release their fresh scent
Morning comes with sunrays hitting the sky
Colors of pink, yellow, and blue
Birds sing and catch their prey
the action is starting to happen
It's the beginning of a new day

Originally written in 1997, revised in 2017

Thursday, October 12, 2017


but where?
Anywhere is possible
to find the answers that need to be solved

away from the hard hand
the hand that rules with an abusive fist
Run too fast, causing a rapid heart beat
carry the tradition to freedom

to find the way to explore different situation
reach high up to the northern star
Find a route to find the way home
hide when it is possible to...

to the freedom
the right

to the freedom
that is to be served
Find the way to express the right
keep the faith that has the right to take over

Fight for the freedom
Fight to escape

Originally written in 2000

Good Bye

Now it's time to say goodbye
as time goes by
The days went fast or slow
I write when I'm high or low
I create dreams, stories, and poems in my head
'till the day I'm alive to dead
You will stay or be gone
but you will never be done
See you wherever I'm there
so you could go anywhere
So, goodbye now

Written in 1998

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Queen of Hearts, The People's Princess, and Mother

I was 15 years old (almost 16), living in an apartment with my mom. It was late in the evening, I could hear and see the TV from my bedroom and overheard something about Princess Diana being in a car crash. She was in critical condition... It wasn't very long until the news came in that she died. That prompted me to go from my room to the living room to watch. Mom was a little freaked out strange to see her shared birth year as Princess Diana plus the death year (1961-1997) while I realized that I was the same age as Prince William. Instantly, my thoughts, prayers, just about everything went to her two boys that now had to go on without their mother by their side. The following morning, the local paper had the biggest and darkest font I've never seen before: DIANA DEAD. I still have that newspaper. 

The day of her funeral, I got up early to watch. When I saw that unforgettable small bouquet in front with the card that said Mummy, I cried. I did shed tears before during that week, but that moment I bawled my eyes out. I always thought she was beautiful, worthy to have a happily ever after; I remember Diana being in just about every imaginable media out there, before and after her divorce. 
While Prince Charles was not husband of the year to Diana, I do genuinely believe that her death devastated him. All of the sudden, he became a single parent. I do think he did a splendid job with William and Harry, from the way they are today- they're very close as royals could be. Diana will never be forgotten!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Steve Coming Back to GH

Steve Burton is coming back to General Hospital. But as who? That's the main question. His role that he had for 20+ years off and on has been taken over by Billy Miller. Here's a short recap of Jason and the two actors (from my point of view, of course):
GH experienced a new Executive Producer and Head Writer change after One Life to Live and All My Children were cancelled. Steve's favorite executive producer, Jill Farren Phelps, was deservingly fired and went to work at The Young & The Restless. Steve stuck around for several months, Jason did get interesting storylines but he wasn't part of the trio (Sonny, Carly, and Jason) hogging the show screen time any more. Steve was actually part of an ensemble cast! I guess he missed Jill a lot. He was her teacher's pet. Around the same time, Steve moved his family to Nashville, Tennessee and was voicing his anxiety to be with them. Pretty reasonable... So Steve quit GH as it wasn't accommodating him as much to travel to see his wife and children. Jason was shot, killed, and kicked into the freezing waters of the harbor, floating away to become fish food. Steve flew off to Tennessee in the sunset. Except, a couple of months later, Steve announced he had a role on Y&R! Where Jill is! Look, I get he needed to pay the bills, but surely he could've found work in Nashville? Seemed like Y&R had the means and needs to accommodate Steve to travel back and forth that GH didn't have. I saw this as bit of a betrayal. I bet GH does have the ability to make things work for their actor. Roger Howarth commutes between California (where GH is filmed) and New York (where his wife and kids live).
Billy, I guess since Jill arrived and quickly realized what a sucky EP Jill was, quit and about 2 years later since Steve left the role, took over the role of Jason.
Jason was rescued from the freezing cold harbor and recovered from his wound on Cassadine Island. Surprise, surprise, Helena had something to do with it as she always does. Helena liked Jason's skills as a mob enforcer and hated Sam, her husband's illegitimate granddaughter, so it was her psychotic revenge. Jason was transferred nearby to Port Charles to Helena's brother-in-law Victor Cassadine's clinic. He escaped but was hit by a car (Ava, by accident) she drove off. Jason's face was so badly mangled that after surgery, he had a brand new face! He also suffered from severe memory loss and became Jake Doe. He eventually discovered who he really was and gained his memory back.

What I don't like is that some actors, major example: Rebecca Budig who played Hayden Barnes, get fired or laid off for budget cuts and to accommodate the return of Steve Burton. If this had happened 10 years ago, I would've been thrilled at the return but I grew, started liking other actors that were more colorful than the one-note "cold stone" performance. I have no clue who Steve will play, the tale of two Jason's, or different character, or even how long other than it will be long term.
So... What? Nothing available at Days of Our Lives or The Bold & the Beautiful? Tyler Christopher just joined the cast of DOOL instead of returning to GH.

Obviously to say: I'm not ecstatic over the return...