Sunday, September 11, 2016

Top 10 Favorite Movies

1. Some Like It Hot
2. Monty Python and the Holy Grail
3. Help!
4. A Time to Kill
5. 200 Cigarettes
6. Mrs. Doubtfire
7. A League of Their Own
8. Moonstruck
9. Dude, Where’s My Car?
10. City by the Sea

Cartoon Movies
1. Toy Story franchise
2. South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut
3. Ice Age franchise
4. Finding Nemo
5. Cinderella
6. Mary Poppins
7. Peter Pan
8. Beavis & Butthead Do America
9. Yellow Submarine
10. The Simpsons

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Julian & The Stanley Sisters

I've been wanting to write this out for quite some time. Now that Julian Lennon's birthday just recently passed, I thought to get on with it.

Mary Elizabeth (Mimi)
Mimi raised Julian’s father John Lennon from the time he was five until he moved out officially at the age of 23, already married and a parent. Mimi’s relationship with Julian’s mother Cynthia Lennon was strained yet tolerable at best; they had good days and days where they wanted to strangle each other. They lived with Mimi after Cynthia had a threatening miscarriage risk so she wouldn’t be alone while John was on tour with The Beatles. While Cynthia was at the hospital giving birth to Julian, Mimi called the hospital for updates and informed John the news when he called to check in. She was also the only family member to go to the hospital to see the baby (before John did)- she was frosty with Cynthia but her face soften when she saw Julian. Mimi hosted a family gathering when Cynthia and Julian arrived home from the hospital by taxi. However, until John, Cynthia and Julian moved out, Mimi helped care for Julian once when Cynthia was exhausted and desperately needed rest. Other than that, Mimi would visit her sister Harret, who lived near by, to complain how Julian cried most of the time and criticized how Cynthia was coping with motherhood. In 1965, John bought Mimi a home in Bournemouth where she remained until her death in 1991. John, Cynthia and Julian visited her not long after she moved in. They went to the beach where residents left John alone. According to Cynthia, that was their only visit… However, with pictures from her sister in law Julia’s collection, it appeared that John, Cynthia and Julian visited again the following year (1966) but with other members of the family present. In 1967, John and Julian had a day out with Mimi on a ferry. Mimi also visited the Lennon family home in Surrey a couple of times; John named one of his cats Mimi after his Aunt. After John and Cynthia divorced, when Mimi saw Cynthia at Harrie’s funeral, she berated her for the divorce and not fighting for John hard enough. Before John’s death, Mimi had pictures of Julian all over her home but when she found out that John’s widow Yoko Ono inherited the ownership of her home, a terrified Mimi changed the pictures from Julian to Sean in case of a surprise visit or something like that. Other than that, not much is known about Mimi and Julian except that Mimi thought Julian should get a proper job rather than being a musician. But, to be fair, she thought the same way with John and hoped that Sean wouldn’t go into the music business (he did!). Mimi died in 1991 with Cynthia, Yoko and Sean attending the funeral.
"I think Julian ought to get a real job. I've heard him sing and it's not my cup of tea. Julian doesn't keep in touch, not that it worries me too much." -Mimi (1983)

“Oh, I think for about five minutes, yes. When we bought her the house down in Poole [in 1965], we went to visit and she was all over him then, but apart from that there was no contact. She wasn’t a doting surrogate grandmother or anything like that.” -Cynthia, 2005

Elizabeth (Mater)
Mater lived in Scotland where John spent his vacation time as a child. Cynthia got along beautifully with Mater, often taking a train up to visit when life in London got too much for her. Mater also visit the Lennon family in Surrey. After John divorced Cynthia and remarried to Yoko, they took Julian and Yoko’s daughter Kyoko on a spontaneous holiday to Scotland and visited Mater. During the visit in 1969, Mater wasn’t too thrilled with the new wife and didn’t hide her feelings, much to John’s dismay that he stormed out. The family got into a car accident and since Julian was least injured, he was discharged from the hospital into Mater’s care until Cynthia arrived. Mater died in 1976

Harrie, Julia and Nanny

Anne Georgina (Nanny)
Hmmm… I got nothing other than that there was a family relationship that is not much known. Nanny died in the 1980s

Julian’s grandmother and namesake. Julia died in 1958, just before John got involved with Cynthia. She was taken to Sefton General Hospital where she was pronounced dead- the same hospital where Julian was born.
Lucy Bayliss, Cynthia, Julian, Jacqui and Julia
Her daughters, Julia and Jacqui, are close to Julian. They helped Aunt Harrie cared for him when Cynthia traveled with John and visited them in Surrey. They barely have a relationship with their other nephew, Sean.
“I don’t know if Sean and Julian have a relationship. I think so, they talk well of each other, but I’m really an aunt to Julian.” -Julia, 2016

Harriet (Harrie)
Harrie was not only the baby of the Stanley sisters but also the baby sitter. After Julia’s death, Harrie became her daughters Julia and Jacqui’s guardian. Harrie lived in the same neighborhood as Mimi; Cynthia visited often and after Julian’s birth, Harrie babysat Julian whenever Cynthia went traveling with John until they moved down to London. Harrie died in 1972 with Cynthia attending the funeral.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Having On-line Friends

In the past 4 months, I have lost 3 online friends, Dee, Marie and Peggy. Two were from the Beatles and the other with soap operas (although, one of the Beatles fans was also a soap fan, but I associate her more with the Beatles). All three were rather expected with warning signs, yet after 'knowing' them for a number of years I will miss them.

Now, some people I know personally would scuff at the idea of being friends with someone I never met personally. In a way, I can understand the worry part- there could always be someone on the other side of the computer who is a complete opposite of what they say. It could be a serial killer or pedophile. I like to surf in message boards of things I like so I can talk to people, know their point of view and see things that make sense or answer a question.
With me, after talking to the same people over and over consistently, trust starts to build and find oneself to be opening up. A message board or a chat room starts to feel like a family-vibe, sending a lengthy personal message or email. You start following on Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, MySpace, Facebook where you reveal more of who you are as a person. Mostly it's interest or hobbies. Then it will grow to sending Christmas cards and talking over the phone. And maybe a face to face meeting. You then realize that when out shopping, you will see something that would remind you of your online friend, maybe get it as a gift. Real friendships form.
When certain people I know personally complains that I am not social- yet I believe I am, just in this modern technology way. Different generation? Perhaps. Yet I have encountered many age groups. No matter what though, it's nice to know I have friends around the world. It is a good source of information to learn. Like an international recipe I would see on T.V. and would ask if it's indeed popular or if I am planning to be in their neck of the woods, where to go? It is also a great feeling to know that you aren't alone when dealing with a latest turmoil drama in life. I have also come to notice that my online friends like and reacted to my posts more than my own family members.

I think this article sums up my thoughts even more, sharing my point of view.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Goodbye Michael Q.

This is the only time I liked Michael Quatermaine, rather than Corinthos. Even when he was a child (being played by a different actor) I couldn't stand him. When Michael was shot in the head and was in a coma for a year, it was the best year ever! Then, his biological father A.J. came back and they reconnected, despite all the bad things his mother and stepfather Carly and Sonny Corinthos told him. Once Michael heard A.J.'s  side of the story and gave him a benefit of the doubt, I realized that I started to like Michael. It broke my heart and anger when Sonny shot and killed A. J. for 'killing' his fiancé Connie (Ava was the real killer- the look on Sonny's face was priceless) yet Sonny wasn't at all sorry regardless. I could go on and on how Sonny is a self-righteous bastard, the worst kind of human that loves power, money, women, possessiveness... The point is that once Michael became a Quatermaine and hated Sonny, all was perfect. But it all ended when Sonny got shot (and unfortunately survived) and Michael returned as Sonny's golden child. Such a shame and loss. Michael is back to being my non favorite character. It didn't even last a year!

Friday, February 5, 2016

End of a Love Story... or Not?

I have been a fan of the pairing of Dante Falconeri and Lulu Spencer from the beginning when they first encountered in 2009. Since then, I survived a recast, a few breakups, a custody battle with another couple, struggles and joys of parenthood, them verses the town of Port Charles, and now infidelity and divorce. It is heartbreaking. I will admit though, I applaud Lulu and especially Dante for lasting this long without any cheating after 6 years of being devoted to each other. Of course I was angry at Dante for giving in on having sex with his wife's newly discovered cousin. It was something that his mobster boss father Sonny Corinthos would've done. Sonny has slept with a mother-daughter duo (granted not knowing about it at the time but the moment he found out, let's just say it was a Kodak moment), had babies with them (one of the babies was a stillborn), was in a relationship with his best friend and enforcer's sister, had sex and conceived a baby with an enemy (who was his son's girlfriend) on top of his other enemy and biological father of his son's grave, was in a rebound relationship with cousins... you can say that Sonny sure got around. Dante, on the other hand, didn't know that Sonny was his father until he became an adult and worked undercover in his organization- Sonny went as far as shooting him for being an undercover cop just before the father-son connection! Oy, it is a soap opera after all and infidelity is one of the rules of a good soap opera. Dante lasted a good 6 years of being a faithful boyfriend, later husband who only had eyes for Lulu. A true romantic. Unfortunately, it was a matter of time. About two years ago, Dante got jealous of his wife getting into business with her ex boyfriend who happened to have his own mob connections. Then things came to head when Dante believed Lulu was cheating on him with another old flame of hers when they went off together to save her brother(s). Lulu lied to him of her actual whereabouts on the insistence of her parents (Luke and Laura). Dante tracked her down, saw a messy hotel room where he got the wrong idea, and with a little push by her cousin Valerie, hopped into his own marital bed with her. Ouch... Well, eventually Dante found out that his wife did not cheat on him after all yet he did on impulse and realized "oh crap, what have I done!?" mistake. He tried to cover it up, lied to his wife until it blew up in his face: Lulu was devastated and left him. I don't blame her. After another round of miss-signals and sleep with the cousin again with revenge to get rid of Valerie (not death, more of leaving town) in hopes of reconciliation. Recently, there was an attempt but... well... the night sadly ended with Dante and Lulu signing the divorce papers.

I honestly believe that somewhere down the line that there would be a reunion. It happened before and it can happen again. Dante and Lulu were not just your ordinary lovers, they were also a team.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Long Live Mötley Crue

Goodbye to the band I grew up with. We were born the same year (1981) and my earliest memories are watching their music videos on MTV. You guys made me dance, sing along, relate to my moods, you were there when I wanted to bang my head. You made me laugh with your sense of humor, cringe in disgust and respect when reading your book, made me cry with your pain and cheers of joy. I saw you live twice- in 2009 and for the final time in 2015. After 34 years, you made your mark to be unforgettable. Thank you. I will always be loyal, I will always use you in the rotation of listening to music, I will cheer when the one day you'll be inducted into the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame and be first in line whenever your autobiographical movie The Dirt comes out. I love you guys- Nikki Sixx, Tommy Lee, Vince Neil, and Mick Mars. Go out big, go out strong, you brought the scars that will forever remain that no concealer could make dissappear. You closed your own door and are opening four new doors of new beginnings and outlook. Look back on Motley Crue with proud, pride, accomplishment and legacy. We will never forget