Wednesday, December 5, 2012

In Our Eyes

Our eyes tell everything
the person can see something
They look deep down
even without sound
They could read something about you
they know something that is true
We don't even know about it
of what kind of information they could get
We may be telling the truth or a lie
we could either walk or fly
They could easily find out how we are
they could see us, even if we are far
People could read eyes from long ago
from what I found out to know
It is hard to believe in such a thing
it sounds like a poisonous sting
There's a mystery in all of us
from the evening air to morning dusk
In our eyes
show personality and the truth that lies

originally written in 1998, revised in 2002.
I remember reading this in high school English class and after I was done, I heard my fellow students say "whoa". It was written for a guy I had a serious crush on and he would look right into my eyes whenever I talked to him. Unfortunately (or maybe it's fortunately?) he did not share the same feelings for me as I did for him. So he missed out!

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