Friday, February 1, 2013


There's been quite a drama lately on daytime television with a battle between Prospect Park and ABC.
After ABC canceled One Life to Live last year, Prospect Park brought the rights- including the characters- to bring the show back to life but online. However, the project failed when they didn't raise enough money until recently when they did get funds. Now, they've got some actors signed up to return back to their characters (same with All My Children), including new Executive Producers and Head Writers. I believe they even got studios lined up to film and will start production in mid-March. For some reason, Prospect Park seem to think that Todd Manning, Starr Manning, and John McBain (who are currently on General Hospital, as a crossover transplants after One Life to Live bid farewell on ABC) would help publicize the new launch on Itunes or Hulu or Hulu Plus. This is what is causing the drama. While Prospect Park own the characters, ABC have the actors under contract. It's a very unique situation. I've heard that they've been trying to work out a deal so that they can cross over but remain mainly on General Hospital as the actors are very happy to be on the show. I personally think that they are a perfect fit to the cast. Roger Howarth and Michael Easton, in particular, pretty much sizzle with everyone on General Hospital has to offer, great chemistry. Kristen Alderson is not bad herself (Starr has been annoying me lately- she's gotten to be Ms. Goody-Goody Two Shoes. Where's that Cramer/Manning spazz? Where's that girl who used to use her snakes as weapons against Max Holden? I'm thinking that if Starr and Max ever cross paths today, they would have tea and muffins without any tricks). Now, Prospect Park has an idea to recast the roles of Todd, John, and Starr which would possibility mean that ABC/General Hospital has to rename their characters on their show. What? Why? That's stupid. Some actors do come back to the soap opera as a completely different character as before (Sarah Brown is one prime example- she was the original Carly Corinthos and left; few years later she returned as a completely different character as Claudia Zacharra before she was killed off) but there's a few years in between. Not back-to-back. How would you explain the storylines that Todd, Starr, and John have been a part of and then turn around, pulling a Dallas (when Bobby Ewing was thought to be dead but was found showering in the shower instead- turned out to the a dream). That's such a hassle and a big waste of time. Big waste of anything really!

There's another issue I'm carrying on my shoulders: to tell you the truth, as much as I do love One Life to Live and was very heartbroken when it was canceled, I'm over it. I really don't want it to return. It's a little too late if you ask me. Prospect Park had their chance during the first go-around but now, a year later, it feels not right. In fact, I still don't believe that it's a 100% deal, no matter how much confirmation there is from all over the place. I will believe that it's back the day after the show airs. Anything can go wrong from now till the day the actors come to the set for the first day of filming. I've moved on. Another issue: Roger Howarth shouldn't use his talent craft on the computer. He's the TV kind. A High-definition big screen TV kind. He's my eye-candy.
I really hope and pray that whatever Prospect Park/ABC decides, it should make the fans happy. That should be the important thing, right?

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