Monday, April 1, 2013

General Hospital's 50th Anniversary

Today is 'General Hospital''s 50th Anniversary.
I started to watch General Hospital in 1996. I can recall Lily Rivera Corinthos being blown up by her own father (who was really after her husband, Sonny Corinthos- who is still on the show) and Carly Roberts coming on board as an intern nurse while looking for her biological mother Bobbie Spencer (who gave her up for adoption as a teenager while working as a prostitute before becoming a nurse). Ever since then I've been hooked. I've been loyal even during their worst years. It was in danger of being cancelled about a year or two when ABC cancelled All My Children and One Life to Live- if it had been, ABC would've been the only major network without a soap (CBS has The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful while NBC has Days of Our Lives). Luckily, under a new Executive Producer and Head Writer, fresh off from OLTL, GH managed to be saved from the chopping block. Thank goodness! But to be honest, when the news that OLTL was cancelled, I wanted GH to be cancelled rather than OLTL. At the time, it was in it's worst years (I blame Head writers Robert Guza, Jr., Garin Wolf, and Executive Producer Jill Farren Phelps at this point of time) while OLTL was doing very well with their storylines. I had quit OLTL a few years before because it was all about Spencer Truman- he was in every freakin' storyline imaginable and I just got sick of it. But when I heard that Todd Manning (at the time was being played by Trevor St. John, a good replacement during Roger Howarth's absence) was going to have a long-long daughter Dani, I was intrigued so I came back. At the same time, my past favorite couple Natalie Buchanan Banks and John McBain were on the road to reuniting, so it was a double treat for me to return. Anyway, at the time I was willing to sacrifice GH for OLTL but thankfully Frank and Ron went to GH and even brought over Roger Howarth's Todd (who did return back to OLTL just before the cancellation announcement was made), Kristen Alderson's Starr Manning and Michael Easton's John McBain to Port Charles. I thought they fit in well until the Prospect Park/OLTL mess that's currently happening.

There's so much to remember after watching for quite a long time, so I'll try my best with my lists. There's no particular order- just what comes to mind. I can always edit whenever something to comes to mind later!
Favorite Couples (Past and Present)
1. Dillon and Georgie
2. Dante and Lulu
3. Jason and Sam
4. Luke and Tracy
5. Johnny and Olivia
6. Luke and Skye
7. Jax and Skye
8. Jax and Chloe
9. Ned and Alexis
10. Luke and Laura
11. Mac and Felicia
12. Nikolas #2 and Gia #1
13. Mac and Katherine
14. Max and Diane
15. Ric and Reese
16. Nikolas and Nadine
17. Damien and Ellie
18. Damien and Georgie
19. Ethan and Rebecca
20. Coleman and Kate #1
21. Lucky and Elizabeth
22. Ric and Elizabeth
23. Shawn and Alexis
24. Edward and Lila
25. Alan and Monica
26. Jerry #1 and Bobbie
27. Nikolas and Courtney
28. Stefan and Katherine
29. Cesar and Liesl

Favorite Couples That I Wanted to Get Together
1. Jason and Carly* #1 (Sarah Brown)
2. Todd and Heather
3. Nikolas and Claudia
4. Cameron and Alexis
5. Lucky and Claire
6. Johnny and Lisa*
7. Ric and Claudia*
8. Steve #1 and Carly #2
9. Nikolas and Britt
10. Milo and Ellie
*they did had sex a few times but there was never anything cemented to be a serious romantic relationship

Favorite Couples That I Used to Loved But Now What Was I Thinking?
1. Jason and Courtney
2. Logan and Lulu
3. Sonny and Hannah
4. AJ and Courtney

Favorite Friendships
1. Jason and Carly (#1 especially)
2. Jason and Damien
3. Jax and Alexis
4. Luke and Alexis
5. Luke and Skye
6. Alexis and Diane
7. Alexis and Chloe
8. Todd and Carly
9. Todd and Heather
10. Carly and Olivia
11. Lucky and Dante
12. Anna and John McBain
13. Felicia and Bobbie
14. Georgie and Brook Lynn

Who I Want to Come Back
1. Georgie (from the dead)
2. Blackie (from prison)
3. Lucas (from out of town)
4. Claudia (from the dead)
5. Dillon (from out of town)
6. Skye (from out of town)
7. Ned (from out of town)
8. Lucky (from out of town)
9. Ethan (from out of town)
10. Chloe (from the dead)
11. Ric (from out of town)
12. Faith (from the dead)
13. Justus (from the dead)
14. Jason (from the dead- but at the moment I can do without him)

Characters That Should Stay Dead & Not Return Alive
1. Sage
2. Diego
3. Emily
4. Luis

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