Friday, August 23, 2013

The Backstreet Boys Concert

The crowd of fans are yelling and screaming
some of them could feel that they are dreaming
The Backstreet Boys are backstage, getting ready and praying from the Bible
They could hear the fans screaming for their favorite idol

They are now all set and ready
standing on their fly-boards very steady
Laser lights are flashing all over the audience and the stage
fans jump up and down, forgetting their name and age

While flying to the stage, they look down at the audience from above
fans scream for the ones that they love
Standing on the stage, observing the audience around
girls, of all ages, are jumping up and down

They start to sing "Larger than Life"
Oh, how the young girls want to be the lucky Backstreet Wife!
Nick sings like an angel that's going through his voice
the fans waves and are going crazy by their favorite choice

A.J. always taking off his shirt, looking like a rebel bad boy
Fans are throwing all kinds of toy
Kevin plays his white grand piano so beautiful
They are all so wonderful

Brian is smiling like a good luck charm
no one was causing any harm
Howie adds the high key voice so sweet
their harmonies are the perfect fit to the music beat

It was getting near the end
but, some are feeling that it just begin
Finally, they are singing "I Want it That Way", the last of the collection of songs
happy to know that they are close to home, where the true heart really belongs

Originally written in 1999
Dedicated to the Backstreet Boys concert that I went to in December of 1999. And yes, I was one of those screaming girls...I suffered the consequences afterwards as I couldn't talk for 2 days! I decided to put up this poem to honor their 20th anniversary of being together this year. 
Nick Carter was my Backstreet Boy

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