Thursday, July 31, 2014

Black & White to Color

 Original- black and white
Photoshop- colorized
(Okay it's not the same exact picture but you get the idea- at least I hope you do...)
I've been aware of this black and white pictures (including movies, TV shows) to color for about a decade now and to tell you the truth: I hate it. From my understanding, it started with Ted Turner- the founder of TV channels CNN, TBS, TNT and ex-husband of Jane Fonda. I don't know what his thinking was but he had some idea to make shows like Bewitched, I Love Lucy, I Dream of Jeannie (among others) and movies like Casablanca that were black and white (Bewitched was black and white for the first 3 seasons and I Dream of Jeannie for one season before becoming color by 1966 so those colorful seasons don't count; it was naturally done) into color. Now these days it seems to be everywhere, so much so that people are starting to think that the fake colorized photos were real. I don't see anything wrong with having things black and white- in fact I think there's a lot to it in black and white. There's a mystery sense- even fooling people into thinking that Lucille Ball, Rita Hayworth and Jane Asher were blondes when they were redheads. There's emotions, there's beautiful shadows and contrasts that color pictures simply do not have. When someone colors a picture, it looks painted on, fake, and best chances would get the color wrong- whether it's an outfit or hair or the surroundings of a place where the picture in question was taken. You are not going to see me coloring classic B&W pictures at all. In fact, if I find a colorized picture, I will dig deep until I find the original B&W photo to use instead. If someone could find that picture to color then I could find the picture myself and enjoy it. Don't get me wrong, I love color pictures as much as you do but only when they are done naturally with the right film or digital or  whatever's the thing these days. I also love black and white pictures- there's an historical feel to them even if it was taken recently and done right. 


  1. We agree with you. We saw a post on the Meet the Beatles for Real facebook page where Sara (the webmisstress) asked for people's opinion, and she hated too.
    For me they look very very fake, not natural. Of course I would like to see some of them in colour, just to see how they dressed, for example, specially in the pschyquedelic era, but black and white photos are so elegant and have a magnetism that gets lost when are colorized. I only saw one pic of The Beatles (the one that are jumping in a bed playing with the pillows) that looked natural. All the others look so so fake, very bad done.

    Vio xoxo

  2. I agree with you and Vio! I love black and white pictures.