Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Frustrated with Mother

I am getting fed up with my mother. She tells me one thing and does another, like 'Do as I say but not what I do' and also, in my opinion, being a hypocrite. Big example: She cooks something and expects me to eat it- freshly made and leftovers. It would stay in the refrigerator for as long as possible. When I cook (and I cook a LOT), not even 24 hours later, it would get thrown out! Never mind my dreams of eating leftovers for lunch during the week or dinner. And yet during this time, my mom lectures me of money and food waste. How is it OK for her food to be saved but not mine? She is throwing away things that we both bought with our money- especially mine. What is this? What the hell is her problem with my food? She hadn't really done this before until this year- is her resolution for 2015 is to throw away whatever I make? At this point, I want to store my food at work! Or get my own mini-fridge for my room (but where would I put it? Every space in my room is taken). Anything just so my mom wouldn't get her hypocritical hands away from my stuff! 

I am also getting sick of the stuff she makes- it's the same thing over and over again. Her favorite is stew. I am so sick of stew that I am at the point of never wanting to have it again, ever. And the way she cooks the meat- beef chunks- is tough and hard to chew, very chewy. She doesn't realize that beef chunks need a longer cooking time, an hour at least. But she cooks it less than that. I would have to scoop up either the smaller pieces to just the veggies. And she makes this weekly and expects ME to eat the leftovers. Why doesn't she eat it???? I mean, help me out here of consuming this! Now that I think about it, I don't think I ever seen her eat any of her- or mine- leftovers. She would either make something else or get fast food while her beloved food waits for my unwanted attention. 

I think I should make food for myself rather than the household since it'll wind up in the trash the following day. And if any leftovers, store it at work! I rather have my leftovers in an overstuffed refrigerator than being at my own home. It would be safe!

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