Friday, February 5, 2016

End of a Love Story... or Not?

I have been a fan of the pairing of Dante Falconeri and Lulu Spencer from the beginning when they first encountered in 2009. Since then, I survived a recast, a few breakups, a custody battle with another couple, struggles and joys of parenthood, them verses the town of Port Charles, and now infidelity and divorce. It is heartbreaking. I will admit though, I applaud Lulu and especially Dante for lasting this long without any cheating after 6 years of being devoted to each other. Of course I was angry at Dante for giving in on having sex with his wife's newly discovered cousin. It was something that his mobster boss father Sonny Corinthos would've done. Sonny has slept with a mother-daughter duo (granted not knowing about it at the time but the moment he found out, let's just say it was a Kodak moment), had babies with them (one of the babies was a stillborn), was in a relationship with his best friend and enforcer's sister, had sex and conceived a baby with an enemy (who was his son's girlfriend) on top of his other enemy and biological father of his son's grave, was in a rebound relationship with cousins... you can say that Sonny sure got around. Dante, on the other hand, didn't know that Sonny was his father until he became an adult and worked undercover in his organization- Sonny went as far as shooting him for being an undercover cop just before the father-son connection! Oy, it is a soap opera after all and infidelity is one of the rules of a good soap opera. Dante lasted a good 6 years of being a faithful boyfriend, later husband who only had eyes for Lulu. A true romantic. Unfortunately, it was a matter of time. About two years ago, Dante got jealous of his wife getting into business with her ex boyfriend who happened to have his own mob connections. Then things came to head when Dante believed Lulu was cheating on him with another old flame of hers when they went off together to save her brother(s). Lulu lied to him of her actual whereabouts on the insistence of her parents (Luke and Laura). Dante tracked her down, saw a messy hotel room where he got the wrong idea, and with a little push by her cousin Valerie, hopped into his own marital bed with her. Ouch... Well, eventually Dante found out that his wife did not cheat on him after all yet he did on impulse and realized "oh crap, what have I done!?" mistake. He tried to cover it up, lied to his wife until it blew up in his face: Lulu was devastated and left him. I don't blame her. After another round of miss-signals and sleep with the cousin again with revenge to get rid of Valerie (not death, more of leaving town) in hopes of reconciliation. Recently, there was an attempt but... well... the night sadly ended with Dante and Lulu signing the divorce papers.

I honestly believe that somewhere down the line that there would be a reunion. It happened before and it can happen again. Dante and Lulu were not just your ordinary lovers, they were also a team.

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