Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Saga of Bonnie & Clyde

Clyde Chestnut Barrow was a troubled man
that only a few could understand
His family was very poor
but everyone had his or her own chore

Bonnie Elizabeth Parker was only a girl
who wanted to see the world
She thought that she had found her knight
but he kept going out of sight

Bonnie's husband went to jail
with no one to give him bail
By then Bonnie met her true love
who she could only think of

Bonnie and Clyde met through a friend
aware of the vibe messages that they sent
Bonnie and Clyde were soul mates
who carried the same fates

Clyde was a working man
doing the best that he can
being free from jail
making robbery plans without fail

Believing that they were right
they were willing to fight
Living together during the Depression
Bonnie and Clyde entered the beginning of their destruction

With Ray Hamilton, the Barrow Gang committed several crimes
trying to go through the hard times
Running away from the law
with weapons and a punch to a jaw

The Barrow Gang left without Ray
to the police, he had nothing to say
Inviting W.D. Jones along
barely going to Dallas, where they belong

Trying to go for a fun ride
looking for a place to hide
Joined by Buck and Blanche Barrow
nobody was feeling sorrow

Breaking the rules that they were supposed to follow
they had their days, high and low
Inseparable was the love between Bonnie and Clyde
they were being joined by others to enjoy the ride

One day, Bonnie caught on fire
is this the life that she desire?
Missing their families, they stayed in touch
telling them that they loved them very much

Not very long, Buck was dead
after being shot in the head
Blanche surrender
she became a prisoner

W.D. quit the dangerous game
changing his story to put Bonnie and Clyde on blame
saying that he was kidnapped and held hostage
secretly knowing that his lie was full of garbage

Clyde's younger brother, L.C., joined the wary pair
trying to divide the money fair
Robbing banks and gas stations
finding themselves in several difficult situations

Setting some Clyde's old jail buddies free
a mistake that was never meant to be
An old friend of Clyde's had his own plan
giving the police a hand

Betraying Bonnie and Clyde, his dear old friends
sending the lovers to their end
They died together, like they planned
only to each other, they understand

But Mrs. Parker didn't want them buried together
hoping that things will get better
The love between them was so strong
They will always be together, their bond was strong

Originally written in 2000
Dedicated to Bonnie and Clyde
In my teenage years (and even to this day) I had a fascination interest in these two love-struck crime pair. I don't remember exactly how I got interested in them or how they entered my life- probably saw a documentary and got hooked and started to research as it usually happens when I get interested in something or someone. I've seen the 1960s movie with Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty as well as two TV mini-series/movies, the most recent aired earlier this week (December 2013) on Lifetime/A&E/History channels. 

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