Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Come Back, My Guardian Angel

Every time I think of you
memories haunt me
the dreams felt so true

My eyes shed it's own tears
listen to my cry
with your ears
tears drain into my eyes

A night bird sings
spreading it's wing

Being in love enough to inspire
very deeply to admire

It seems that I never let go
my heart never felt so low
I want to let you go

My Guardian Angel, whom I believe
a special bond that has been conceived
the memories will never leave
all the thoughts that I grieve

The angel is stuck in my heart
not knowing when to leave

Come back alive, to me
so I could see
for the beautiful image that I remember
keeping memories alive, not to fade

I will always think about you
my love will always come true

You didn't deserve to die
of all the time that goes by

I know that you will always be by my side
to have all my troubles go down slide
But, I want you back to be with me
this isn't what it was meant to be
for me to lose you

Originally written in 1998; revised in 2002
In Memory of David Alvarez

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