Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Monthly Holidays

In January, it is the New Year
ringing in everyone's ear

In February, hearts are flying everywhere
that means Valentine's Day is here!

In March, St. Patrick's day is wearing green
it makes a lovely scene

In April, the bunny hides the eggs
it's white, fluffy, and it has big legs

To honor our mothers on a special day
which leads us to the month of May

June is for our father
with plenty of love and honor

In July, we celebrate
to the United States of America, which is great

In August, we take a break
that's enough that we can take!

In September, it is back to school
to learn and operate our important tool

Ghosts and witches come to haunt October
our candy is out-numbered

In November, we eat very much
to gain lots of weight until tomorrow' lunch

In December, we celebrate Jesus's birthday
to open our presents on Christmas day

Originally written in 1998

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