Tuesday, January 29, 2013

She the Gypsy

A lady was walking down the street
with sandals on her feet
Rainbow color robes and scarves were blowing in the wind
on her face, there was a grin
spreading across her cheek
speaking in all kinds of languages of Italian, Spanish, French, and Greek
People were looking at her, either laughing or in silence
they were not at all disturbing her presence
She was lost
in her own thoughts
People around her were so cruel
but she had her own special jewel
Their minds were so full of mean and hate
that is not what is in her wishful fate
Others wonder why her nature is so weird
about her life as it appeared
Her jewelry dangled across her chest
falling down between her breast
Her earrings were long and colorful
yet, she felt so wonderful
Her rings glittered their reflection to the sun
her mind was having fun
Her bracelets sung a delightful song
happy to know where she really belong
she walked for a very long time
crossing fruits of apples, oranges, and limes
passing through all kinds of land
her sandals touching the pure white sand
There was a sudden silence around her human being
a lot of Mother Nature that she was seeing
She's a gypsy
moving to different places to explore and see
she had other gypsies with her
following her believing nature
She knew where they were
waiting for her, so they could continue to go far
But, she knew that she would be there and go wherever that they feel
she can not help but let out a happy squeal
She has everything that she ever wanted
feeling that her dream-come-true was granted
Her own world was filled with lace, velvet, and flowers
with clothes that came out of the mending hours
To the gypsy that she was
to receive her willing kiss

Originally written in 1998

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