Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sunshine Girl

Riding your horse through the great plain field
galloping your thoughts of life
Sunshine lust drapes your body
crystal blue travel eternity
Running miles away from your territory
ghost of white floating in the sky
golden rays of light feel warm
relaxing from a state of mind

Bluebells and lilies sing their blooms
casting out their skirts toward the sun
your hair flopping from the wind
energy of happiness spreading in your spine
Water dew embracing across the grass
birds chirp with delight of the new day break
Clear air smelling fresh and crisp
your mother nature hugs the welcome

Oh, Sunshine girl, galloping on your horse
willow the shades of freedom
with a grand spell with nature luxury
You found your home
your Heaven is all yours
the dream that caress in your head
came true when you closed your eyes
and went to sleep

Originally written in 2002
Dedicated to Linda Eastman McCartney 1942-1998. 

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