Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My Love For You

My love for you is not wrong
I know that my feelings are strong
You make me feel like a princess
seal with a loving kiss
My love for you is something so beautiful
you make my heart so full
I could see the future with my eye
with someone that I could pass by
My dream is in my love
flying with a white dove
My love for you is all I need
I will follow your lead
to grow up with you, young to old
our love would turn from diamond to gold
with a flow of blood and flesh of us
Companionship is full of trust
My eyes light up every time I see you
it shows my love for you
My love is deep into my heart
I can't stand being apart
Time will cast a spell
you will hear a bell
the sound of fate upon us in time and space
hand in hand with elegant grace
because only you is what I felt
your smile makes me melt
From thunder of a heartbeat
to create our own magical heat
My love will never stop
I'm strong, I do not drop
We are together for life
to be husband and wife
I love the sound of your voice
you are my beloved choice
My love for you is very understanding
the power is very demanding
I love you with all my might
I think about you, day and night
knowing that love is in the air
showing you how much I really care
I will forever be in love with you
I believe that my feelings are true
a special spirit is putting us together
everything will soon get better
There's hopes and dreams for us too
for my love for you

Originally written in 1998; revised in 2002

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