Saturday, June 15, 2013

In a Brief Moment

When I first saw you
to be honest
I was not interested
not giving you a second thought

Until one day
I thought about you
you popped into my thoughts
they became more frequent

You grew on me
I realized my feelings grew
I became attracted to you
you were adorable

I was so scared to talk toyou
I did not know what to say
you seemed larger than life
yet you have a gentle soul

I wanted you to know that I exist
so I took the first step
using whatever came to mind
I was so nervous

I got my wish
my plan worked
you noticed me
I existed in your eyes

I liked you a lot
I wanted to take things slow
I learned a lot from my past mistakes
because you were special to me

I thought about you everyday
you made me so happy
in a dream
in a brief moment

We got along so well
a smile was made
down in our crossed paths
I fell in love

One day I discovered the truth
about your relationship status
it was devastating
it hurt

I had my head in the clouds
all of the sudden
I came crashing down to the ground
back to reality

I do not blame you
actually I am happy for you
you deserve a girlfriend
I am upset that it wasn't me

Originally written in 2002

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