Monday, June 24, 2013

That Southern (Un)Charm

It's all over the media- Twitter, Facebook, forums, blogs, etc. regarding Paula Deen's past slur (mainly the "n" word) from a lawsuit filed by a woman against her and her brother's restaurant. I'm actually pretty vague about the details other than hearing that the Food Network, QVC, and some other companies that Paula is a spokeswoman firing her. I'm not exactly a fan of hers and it's not because she used the "n" word- although I'm not surprised either. I did give her a chance years ago as she was a very popular on the Food network but she didn't charm me. So I carried on with the cooking shows that I do enjoy. I would usually tolerate her whenever she appeared on my shows (including Top Chef when she did come on) but that's enough I can take. I've seen her battle with Cat Cora on Iron Chef America with the battle Sugar- a perfect vehicle for her as she's known for her sweet and fatty tooth. Of course she and Cat won the battle.
I think her high empire started to unravel when it was revealed that Paula was diagnosed with diabetes. Her dishes were greatly scrutinized (one in particular was making a doughnut sandwich with a fried egg and bacon and so on that would make you not only gain 50 pounds but also cavities popping everywhere in your teeth by just hearing about it) and critics got louder, coming out of the woodwork. She also got Anthony Bourdain on her tail. Paula swore that she would make her dishes more healthier and be dedicated as a spokeswoman for diabetes, promote a healthier lifestyle. She also lost some pounds.
Now the old timer Southern that slurs is getting herself into hot water yet again.  

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