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2008: Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame

Originally written on March 12, 2008
Why why was Justin Timberlake at the Rock ’n’ Roll Hall of Fame? Why? Why was he invited there? Anyone could’ve inducted Madonna- anyone! Even Britney Spears made more sense to the thought of inducting Madonna. I don’t care if Justin is producing Madonna on her new cd- guess I’m not going to get that one or pay much attention to that cd at all. Yeah, you probably already figured that I don’t like Justin. I never did. Not in N’Sync nor now and he didn’t bring sexy back (then again, he’s not sexy looking either). If he/or his former boy band group would be inducted into the RnRHoF well I won’t ever consider visiting that place again! That would just ruin it for me. I’ve been to the RnRHoF twice in 1994 and in 2003 and both times I’ve enjoyed my visits there and I plan on returning back whenever I visit Erie, PA (where I have family) there since it’s like an hour or two away. I do think Madonna deserves to be there- I’m not a die-hard fan or anything but I’ve always liked her, I grew up listening to Madonna. However I expected Madonna to be in for another 5 years or so, but anyway, congrats to her. She could’ve done better with the person who inducted her though, and that outfit she wore. I was surprised though that she chose not to perform! I figured that she would have done so as most of the bands who were inducted would do that reuniting bit special occasion. There are a few exceptions (like Dave Clark 5- I would imagine it’s very difficult to reunite for the first time since 1970 to perform when having lost two members, one who was the main singer) but then again, Bits and Pieces and Glad All Over were performed indeed as of Madonna’s stuff wasn’t. Well anyway, I’m sure it was all her decision and whatever the reason, I’m sure it was good for her.
I’m glad that the Dave Clark 5 were inducted- about freakin’ time too. The both times I’ve been to the RnRHoF I’ve spoke to whoever worked there "where are they? where are they? They need to be inducted, they should be inducted!" after all they did have a strong hit and it was over (way over) the requirement to be inducted into the RnRHoF and I think that they were certainly influence- Dave Clark was really the first that I can think of to actually his own music publishing and managing the band. Mike Smith, the chief songwriter (which I know he was despite Dave Clark’s part in it, Mr. Money Bags) and the singer of the band deserves to be in there as well- but maybe that’s me of having him as my favorite of the band (he was cuter, in my opinion); I also like him because of the sound of his voice- really raw and bluesy, it’s nothing that you want to put your hands to your ears, wish you were deaf sort of thing. And as Tom Hanks said, it’s joyful- it’s really indeed uplifting. They were supposed to be inducted last year- and here’s where I get angry the most: they were dropped and was pushed to be this year’s honor. It was all because of Jann Wenner, founder of Rolling Stone, wanting the Grandmaster Flash (who?) into the Hall of Fame. Um...why? Well I admit, I’m not much of a Jann fan either, especially since the day he decided to turn a music magazine into a political magazine! You know, I didn’t mind reading the old Rolling Stone issues with one politician being interviewed, especially when talking about music (after all, Rolling Stone was a music magazine) but then more and more, politics have gotten more cover stories and then when the 40th Special Anniversary came out it was a good 80% of the celebration articles were policitians while the mere 20% were musicians themselves. Shouldn’t it have been the other way around??? If Rolling Stone was intended to be a music magazine, then it should’ve stuck to that formula. Maybe they want to go into a politic direction, they can always have a spin-off magazine! They certainly have the popularity and money as well since they are published practically all over the World.
Okay- back to the Dave Clark Five- I’ve always liked them and even went through a phase where I tried to find anything I can about them (and mind you, this was before I got a computer and found the World Wide Web). My Mom got me their two-disc Greatest Hits disc The History of Dave Clark Five and would play endlessly of the cd. I was amazed though of how little information I could find of them though. They weren’t like the Beatles, where there’s every nook and crany information out there. I took them as an underrated most appreciative band. It makes my heart glad of how Mike Smith, who was paralyzed from neck down from an accident wanted to be there, was so honored to be recognized for his talent. He wanted to be there, he was determined to be there and my respect for him grew to the level of his bravery, to be there for his honor despite any possible risks of his health. It really broke my heart when he died, I so wanted to see him there, to see him so happy for being recognized about time-- but of course, I realize that he knew and he was so happy about it that it made his last days appreciated; plus he and Dennis Payton had the best seats of the house however I’m sad that he would never hold/touch his honor award. It’s really a big limbo of mixed feelings. However I must say, I enjoyed the fact that their memories were honored and not ignored; I enjoyed Rick Huxley, Lenny Davidson, and Dave’s acceptance speeches and I even enjoyed Tom Hanks’ introduction however I thought it was odd that Tom would be the one to induct as he’s an actor and before it was usually the tradition of having a musician to induct a musician. It made sense to do that. I know Tom does have some influence of music, especially writing, directing and even co-writing the songs for That Thing You Do! movie about music- it was a good movie, I enjoyed it when I saw it. It just threw me off of the loop but it was made up for it by his speech.
While I’m on a blog about music, I’ll speak about this- MTV and VH1. A good ten years ago- I didn’t mind those channels- I enjoyed them to a point- especially when the Backstreet Boys came out and I was ga-ga over them (mind you, I was 17, 18 years old at the time, and although I’m not as crazy about them as I was then I do still like them and would be happy if they are in the RnRHoF), I would tape anything where they would be appearing- same with the Goo Goo Dolls (I am still crazy about this band!). Not only for the Beatles specials, BSB, Goo Goo Dolls, Fleetwood Mac etc shown for those respected channels, but for VH1 especially, which was the channel I watched most of the time because of it’s shows- Behind the Music, Pop-Up Video, The List- I loved it! It dealt with music and it also told about it, the stories, to really connect with the artist. Now? Watch VH1 or MTV and you will find a reality show, a contest, celebrity gossip, things that you would find on E! and Bravo (which with all due respect, I do like those channels because they are standing what they are supposed to stand for). VH1 and MTV have drifted off away from music as the Rolling Stone magazine has done for things that I could have cared less for. If they want to show something about it, I can tolerate it for maybe an hour or two at a time but for the whole day? What does Hogan Knows Best have to do with music exactly? I would understand if that show appeared on USA (as they like to show RAW wrestling performances) or some sports channel, then fine. I would understand it better if Scott Baio is 46...and pregnant was aired on Bravo or E! then great. The only episodes whenever VH1 does decide to get around to playing of Behind the Music are the same episodes over and over again- Ratt, Pantera, and Notorious BIG...what the hell? I know that VH1 have made more episodes then just those three! I never got the Lindsey Buckingham episode (I did see it but I didn’t record it- I thought the show would always be on as it was very successful and I would get it then...little did I know). It’s sad really- I loved those channels once upon the time but nowadays I rarely visit them as it’s getting ridiculous to show something that your name hardly represents anymore- Video Hits 1 and Music Television. When the videos do get played, it’s when everyone should be sleeping at night, early hours of the morning, not at the time when people are able to be home and enjoy some visual tunes.
Now Rock ’n’ Roll Hall of Fame, when are you inducting Sonny & Cher? They have an over 25 year old hit, as well as a couple of successful releases, not an one-hit wonder and they did have a good mark in history, television too where they incorporated music! That’s another one that I would like to have inducted, to fight for into the honor. Hopefully Cher would live to see that happen!

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