Thursday, November 1, 2012

Idiot of the Year: Bobby Brown

Originally written on February 19, 2012
Whitney Houston's funeral was yesterday (memorial service) and Bobby Brown was invited. Which does makes sense despite the divorce, he is Bobbi Kristina's father so he was welcomed. Well, he showed up and Bobby claimed that he and his family/entourage were told by the family security to move about 3 times...there's also a strong claim that Bobby wanted his entourage of 9 people to sit along with Whitney's family in the front pews. Without wanting to create any further drama, Bobby went over to the casket, kissed it, then left with his entourage.

1. I've heard that 2 out of those 9 people were Bobby's children from a previous I can understand them sitting in the front with Whitney's family because they're Bobbi Kristina's siblings, part of the family. Plus Whitney was their stepmother for 15+ years so there's an individual personal relationship too.
2. As for the 7...This is what makes Bobby an idiot. He decided that HIS people should sit with the Houston family. I'm sorry but who's funeral was this for again? If Whitney and Bobby were still married, then I wouldn't be nitpicking this because he would be the widower and he could've done whatever he wanted. Or, better yet, if this was Bobby's funeral, then his entourage could be where ever they want to be. Bobby should've swallowed his selfish pride and sit apart from his people so he could sit next to his grieving distraught daughter who had to sit there looking at her mother's casket and think about her future without her mom. Bobby could've survived a few hours without his people- they would've been in the same building for crying out loud. He should've put his daughter first.

I've heard that Bobby and Bobbi were a bit estranged, I don't know how much of that is true but I really think Bobbi is better off being estranged. She's 18, legally an adult and, if Whitney had a will, Bobbi should be fine. Even if Whitney didn't have a will, Bobbi was her sole heir so it would automatically be hers.

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