Thursday, November 1, 2012

Please & Thank You

Originally written on March 21, 2006

In Ellen Degeneres: Here and Now DVD, she said "I wouldn't mind hearing more Please and Thank Yous" and she got an applause. She's right. Please and Thank You are very much appreciated! Admittedly, I was never really one of those that would say Thank You after I receive something. It drove my grandmother nuts and she tried for so many years to drill those pleastantries into my head. Now, I try to make sure I say those things because I've learned that they are appreciated and actually can make you feel good.

Recently I sent over some CDs that my grandmother made and I did not receive one thank you email. This is a couple of months ago and I don't know if she has gotten them? Are they lost in the mail? Did she get them but decided that they were rubbish and threw them away? (uhhh...can send them back you know, my address WAS on the package...) I mean, not even an acknowledgment "I got the cds, Thank you". I'm not expecting a 30 page letter, just a simple sentence with a few less words. That is not a waste of an email. I mean, it cost a fortune to have them send overseas! I could've spent the money on something else, like gas for my car, or a new cd, or something selfish for me.

Now I know why my grandmother bugged the hell out of me to say Please and Thank You, and from that I thank her. It's appreciative and makes a person feel so good!

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