Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Idiot of the Year (or all the time): Donald Trump

Source: Donald Trump's Twitter
Truthfully I don't care who you voted for- Mitt Romney or President Barack Obama- after all it's YOUR choice so seeing Donald supporting Mitt is not really my problem. I do have two problems with him however:
1) his proud ego that his building suffered very little/no damage from Hurricane Sandy
2) his sudden pick on on Richard Belzer (Comedian and Detective Munch on Law & Order: SVU)

1- Hurricane Sandy was a category 1 Hurricane, something that I've been through plenty of times as I do live in South Florida. While New York, New Jersey (especially), and all the other New England states have been suffering with no power, The Donald with the hair that does not have any movement whatsoever (not even when the wind blows) boosted that his building was still standing strong. Blah blah blah. I wonder what exactly he's been doing to help the unfortunate victims who weren't so lucky? Probably saying a lot of talk of charity but keeping his wallet and checkbook tight closed in his pockets. I do know that Donald has a building here in Miami Beach. I've passed by it a couple of times and it sits right at the Atlantic Ocean (as do lots of hotels), it's also the main entry way of Hurricane's path. I wonder how he would feel that his pride and joy Miami building would falter under category 4 or 5 Hurricane? He's lucky- New York rarely gets Hurricanes. They are very capable- as proven with last year's Irene and now Sandy- to go up North but at this time of year Winter is starting to move in with snow which weakens the Hurricane (they need warm/hot water to be a monster like Katrina or Andrew) and typically North Carolina/Virginia would be the highest it would go during the summer before drifting up even more north but in the Atlantic Ocean where they would disappear. With all his ego, I can't help but pray to have a category 5 Hurricane (risking my own life) just to have his Trump building fall down. I know it's evil but the way he goes on and on, I want karma to kick him in the ass.

2- on his twitter, Donald decided to pick on Richard Belzer. I guess he caught an episode of Law & Order and thought to himself (after having 'wars' with Rosie O'Donnell and President Obama with the issue of his birth certificate) that he needed to have someone to pick on. Bully. He claimed that Richard has no talent. Excuse me? Richard Belzer has been in the entertainment business (as a comedian and actor) a hell of a lot longer than Donald has been in the real estate business. Luckily other tweeters have been stepping up to Richard's defense and I'm sure Richard will use this as his advantage. After all, he's a comedian and you can get comedy out of tragedy...or stupidity. I can see Richard having a field day with this. Go Richard!

Donald, do us all a favor and stick to what you are good at: Real Estate. Leave the comedians alone or else they would rip your butt to shreds (if they haven't already).

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