Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Virgin Queen

Originally posted on January 29, 2011 at Jeannette's This and That Blog
I was watching Secrets of the Virgin Queen on National Geographic Channel earlier in the week and I thought it was rather interesting although a bit ridiculous. They were basically trying to figure out why Queen Elizabeth the first didn't get married nor have kids- could it be that she was really a man? Or that she was in love with a married man? Ok I doubt that she was a man, or really died as a child and was secretly replaced by a man for a cover up or something- if they are serious about that, then why not do a DNA gender test? Not only that, but do a biological DNA test as well since there has been a very long-term rumor that Elizabeth wasn't King Henry the VIII's child (I doubt that because she does look a lot like him, and her mother too). If it would help to make those doubters sleep at night, then why not just solve the mystery with DNA? Bingo!

Truthfully I think Queen Elizabeth I was smart not to marry and have children. I do think that the fact that her father ordered her mother's death had some part of Elizabeth's refusal to be in a marriage- during those times it was just gruesome, no mercy whatsoever. Besides, I think Elizabeth paved a way for the power of single woman everywhere. She proved that she can rule a country without a man by her side, she had the men obeying every word she says! Elizabeth was Queen of England for 40 plus years...the program also said that Elizabeth enjoyed being known as the Virgin Queen. Well all power to her! Kudos and bravo!

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