Thursday, November 1, 2012

Ghost Sucker

Originally posted on January 1, 2006

I'm a big sucker for ghost stories- I will watching any documentary of ghosts- especially on the History, Travel channels. I'm hooked on this show that's on the Biography channel, Ghostly Encounters: Dead Famous where a skeptic and a sentensive search for celebrity ghosts. I guess I am a skeptic myself- I'll believe it when I see it for myself; but I do believe that if more than just someone encounters one, especially the same one- like Resurrection Mary in Chicago, Anne Boyelyn in the Tower of London, Mrytle Planation...I would like to go to the Bed & Breakfast of Lizzie Borden's house- it's said to be haunted by her father and stepmother (some say it's Lizzie, but Lizzie hated the house- why would she go there?). I should just go on a ghost tour- all over, USA and England. But of course I don't wanna go by myself- any volunteers?

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