Thursday, November 1, 2012

One Life to Live Canceled

Originally written on May 14, 2011

When I heard that One Life to Live was canceled I was LIVID!!!!! Although I'm not really livid anymore weeks after the announcement, I am still pissed off and hurt by the news. I think it will take me a LONG time to get over this, especially come January when it goes off the air.

I started to watch it regularly around 2001- prior to that I would watch it random only because in the promos during General Hospital whenever Roger Howarth as Todd was on, he was making some funny comment so curious me decided to check it out. I continued to watch OLTL in 2003 when Roger left to go on As the World Turns (which was on at the same time as One Life) and Trevor St. John stepped into the Todd Manning shoes. I did love Trevor and I didn't do what many viewers have done "he's not the real Todd" stuff. However, a good year or two so into when Spencer Truman character joined the show, it got too much for me. Spencer Truman was EVERYWHERE! Connected in every storyline imaginable with all the characters. I was so sick of this bad guy that I stopped watching for a few years. Even after Spencer was murdered, I didn't return. I figured it was too late to return now that most of the characters have moved on and there were also a lot of new characters in so it would've been complicated to go back into the loop. However, I did read up on it in Soaps In Depth magazines.

Then when news came out that Todd Manning will have another child, Dani with Tea, I decided to check in about it. I started off slow, recording the episodes that had the description about Dani and the Manning family. It wasn't long before I started to watch every day and putting OLTL on my season pass to record along with General Hospital and The Bold and the Beautiful.

A year later? This happens.

It totally breaks my heart, very heartbreaking. I've tried what I could do to convince ABC to change their minds but it appears that their minds have been made up long before the announcement became public. All My Children was canceled too. You know what they are going to be replaced? The Chew, which will be a foodie show with Mario Batali and Michael Symon. Now I like those two, from Iron Chef America, and the show will replace All My Children. Then some other show, I think it's called The Revolution, a doctor-type-health program that will replace One Life to Live. DON'T WE HAVE ENOUGH TALK SHOWS AS IT IS???? If I want to watch anything regarding about food, then I'll turn to The Food Network, Cooking Channel, Bravo's Top Chef, or Rachael Ray's talk show on network tv (for me it's on CBS). If I want to watch a health show, there's The Doctors, there's even a health network! We have enough of these things!!!! ABC already has enough TV shows about doctors- Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Body of Proof- why do they need a talk show about health? That stupid The Revolution show is definitely NOT going to be the show I'm going to watch. It will be over before it gets started and I hope ABC will one day be kicking their own asses for their stupidity.

Then there's that stupid Oprah who decided not to save the soaps on her OWN network. Lady, your network isn't doing very well as it did when it first launch and it doesn't have impressive shows to watch so do yourself a favor and reconsider it. You got the money, you are a smart woman, use your brain! But noooooooo...

UPDATE: The Revolution was canceled after about 4 months. General Hospital moved to One Life to Live's timeslot while Katie Couric's talk show took over GH's former timeslot. Brian Frons stepped down from being the #1 boss of ABC Daytime.

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